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Invadors Screen Saver
Author: X-Member22556 Submitted: 19th February, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Application Downloads: 228

Edited By billybobjoe198-happigamer on 21/02/2006

This is a screen saver were it takes your current back round and when a male colides with a femail they drop two eggs that might be a twins a male or a female(purple-twins) (blue-male) (Pink-female). And most of the time they have a cool explostions of babies at the bottom but once a female has had babies she cant again.

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Posted by 19th February, 2006

BTW there are two ofthe SCR because one they collide at the start the other its random...
Posted by DaVince 19th February, 2006

Uh... Looks pretty funny.
Posted by 19th February, 2006

Posted by 20th February, 2006

Ill give it a thumb up. That is pretty funny.
Posted by Reno 20th February, 2006

Kinda silly if you ask me
Posted by 20th February, 2006

Agreed to Reed.
Posted by 20th February, 2006

well its a screen saver what do you exepct?
Posted by 20th February, 2006

I exept a screen saver. Im not saying its bad. Where just saying it silly! My mom is dumb on the computer (Kinda Smart) and I told her thos where Viruses and she called the GEEK SQUAD from Best Buy and I told her I was just Joking then I got grounded from Video Games for 3 houres! lol..
Posted by Peblo 21st February, 2006

Posted by Bibin 21st February, 2006

DAMN SPACE GLITCH!!! use dis link.
Posted by 21st February, 2006

I didnt Lie. ITS TRUE!! Exept She didnt pay the Geek Squad or they did not come out thank god.. But, for some reason I had a 2 Viruses found when I scaned the computer. Naww...I dont think it came from this. I wish I had Norton instead of McAfee. >_<
Posted by 21st February, 2006

why does the site sled do that?
Posted by 21st February, 2006

there all better link
Posted by Jakob37 21st February, 2006

Pretty weird. But fun.




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