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Underwater RPG DX Demo
Author: Shroomster Submitted: 4th February, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Demo Downloads: 45

Edited By Shroomster on 05/02/2006

Underwater RPG|

Also known as 'FishRPG'

The game 'Underwater RPG' came from my many childish ideas when I was younger. It sounded good at the time - and I was pretty good at KnP programming. I began work. I had reached up to the second boss, when I suddenly stopped. It layed there for 6 months. Until I picked it up again and added a waterfall of wishes area. I created a mini-game. Tap space bar to climb the waterfall and then you had to fight some weird dark ball (Which will be changed in URPGDX). Then I stopped again. In 2006, 31st of January, I decided to remake this game in CnC, with improved graphics and engines. And so it begins. Underwater RPG DX will feature a much smoother movement, a text engine and various other new things that weren't in the original or were really basic. The battle engine changes from ATB-based to turn-based, and includes timed hits similar to SMRPG.

Download it and try it out. You might be surprised!

The top screenshot is from the original Underwater RPG, and the bottom one is from the remake.

Press F1 In game for instructions.

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Posted by Stixdude 4th February, 2006

Hey, Shroomster! It's SSD. The game is quite enjoyable even though it's in beta stage right now. The timing command was also a good idea, but the save point isn't as good as I expected it to be. Usually when you stand into a save point, a message would appear asking you if you want to save your game. Try to do that and you'll have one good game.
Posted by Reno 4th February, 2006

You put a space at the end of the download link. The internet browser replaces spaces with %20 so this screws it up. Remove the space form the link so others won't haveto bother when downloading.

Nice game, i am currently making a RPG game but havn't decided on the style of the battling, and I think I would want something like this. Good job!
Posted by Shroomster 5th February, 2006

Wow didn't expect SSD to show up here! Anyways, I removed the space (unless its been done again).
Posted by Peblo 5th February, 2006

Tapping shift blocks/makes damage increase all the time. Might want to fix that.
Posted by Shroomster 6th February, 2006

Yeah that sucks.
Posted by DaVince 6th February, 2006

Too boring, too limited, too small. You released a demo too early, mate.
Posted by Shroomster 7th February, 2006

SSD wanted the demo, so I finished off what I had at the time and called it a demo. Demo 2 will be much bigger, less boring and with more possibilities. And the reason you can't use magic and fishiam is because you haven't learnt the abilities yet, and I forgot to remove those.
Posted by Shroomster 11th February, 2006

"Tapping shift blocks/makes damage increase all the time. Might want to fix that."

Posted by TheNiccer 20th April, 2006

The start looks fine...





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