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Colour Rush
Author: C.J Workshop. Submitted: 8th December, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 84

Edited By C.J Workshop. on 12/20/2005

Edited By C.J Workshop. on 12/20/2005

Edited By C.J Workshop. on 12/12/2005

Edited By C.J Workshop. on 12/12/2005

Game Information
Colour Rush is an addictive and annoying puzzle game. Many gamers will find it very challenging and very frustrating.
The game consists of sets of levels, which players must complete to unlock the next sets.

The gameplay is very fast and will make you think about every move you make.The player uses the mouse to navigate through the levels. The player must allow colour lines to reach both sides of the screen. To do this they will need to alter the colour blocks. When the mouse clicks on a colour block the colour is changed allowing the colour to carry on down its line. To change the colours on the colour block the player must click both the left and right mouse buttons one after the other. Players in some levels, may even have to fill in gaps in the colour lines, by clicking on a block of colour not in the line and clicking the missing block in the line. On many levels you will not complete the level first time you play it. You will have to try and remember how the level is set out. The game saves automaticaly when you complete a set.

Sets and Levels
There are 12 sets and 34 levels to keep your mind on the go.

Skills You May Need
This game is very tricky in some levels and will need a lot of patience in some places.You will also need an excellent reaction time to change the colour blocks, which all gamers have anyway. A good memory will also help you through the levels, as you need to remember how the level is set out.

Final Word
Overall i hope this is a puzzle game that will keep many players busy for hours and will keep players comming back just to get a little further in the sets.

Sorry for the download not working. Its up and running now i will try and get it on another site soon.

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Posted by Noyb 8th December, 2005

The "annoying" part of this seems to come from poor design decisions. Having to alternate between mouse buttons just seems like you couldn't code it to increment one color at a time. Plus, not being able to predict when and where color paths will appear, resulting in a quick gameover and restarting a level set, is indeed annoying. I am of the belief that puzzles should be theoretically possible the first time, without requiring knowledge only gained by failure. At the very least, have the paths start on screen. Otherwise, this is promising.
Posted by C.J Workshop. 8th December, 2005

We all learn from our mistakes and this puzzle game makes you do just that. Its not hard to code the colours to change from just the left mouse button i just thought that it would be harder if you had to use both.
Posted by wario 9th December, 2005

OK game.
Posted by C.J Workshop. 9th December, 2005

Thanks Wario
Posted by 10th December, 2005

cool and fun game! next time use install maker/creator instead of TGF's installer
Posted by Peblo 10th December, 2005

_ Or, no installer at all.
Posted by C.J Workshop. 10th December, 2005

Ok will do. Thanks for the comments.
Posted by Nothing, Ok? 12th December, 2005

Installer. I hate them all, big or small! Kill em!
Posted by Keatontech! 12th December, 2005

Well, it's definetly original. That's really what I like to see here, original games. So many of the games here are exactly the same. Great job C.J.
Posted by C.J Workshop. 12th December, 2005

Thanks phart.
Posted by Reno 13th December, 2005

Not bad . Just a few things, there is a need for sound when playing the game. It is kinda aqward. Some already listed things above. As for the installer, those things lock up my computer when installing and uninstalling. But it isn't the installer that gets the vote, it is the game. Great game! Very unique, fun and addicting. Fix the "left/right" mouse movent, add sound, and upload again (delete the old one) and you COULD win GOTW! You won my thumbs up (Y)

Total: 8/10 stars
Posted by C.J Workshop. 14th December, 2005

Thanks reno. I am thinking about making Colour Rush 2 with all the changes




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