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ZOMBIE KILLAZ (It's a working-title)
Author: TPK Submitted: 23rd November, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Demo Downloads: 161

Edited By TPK on 10/15/2010

Edited By TPK on 11/26/2005

Edited By Knudde (Shab) on 11/25/2005

11/26/2005 @ 7:44 PM GMT:

I slightly fixed a glitch that would make zombie moans loop even after there were no zombies left. I also sped up the jumping about 50%, and switched the MegaMan X death sound for a more annoying, random scream that was on my HD (don't worry, it's only temporary).

This is an extremely early version of a game I am working on. The name, "Zombie Killerz" is not at all similar to what the actual title will be, but I thought it sounded like a cheesy name, and I needed to call it something, for the time being. I have been dropping it and coming back to it periodically, but I've decided that it's time that I finally finish a project that I start in MMF!

Anyhow, this game is going to be an action-kill-as-many-as-you-can-adventure game with zombies. The movement style in this version is very restrictive, because I was trying to get a realistic movement (most people can't just turn the opposite direction and move that way once they're already in mid-air. You start off with a Revolver-type gun, but there will be ten weapons total that you can use (five projectile and five melee).

The storyline is also in its early stages, but it centers around the player character (duh) waking up to his girlfriend/wife/whatever missing. I know, it doesn't sound original in the least, but right now I'm focusing on making a fun and unique engine and environment for the game. I don't want to describe too many of the more original ideas I have involving gameplay, considering the fact that this game is in a very early stage of development, and I wouldn't want anyone ripping them off, purposefully or accidentally.

If the description is to vague, then I apologize, but there really isn't much to explain at this point. This is just an empty, bland test level with sprites that I'm almost certainly going to re-draw, but I wanted your input on what you liked/hated so far.

Also, if you want to help in this project, or you have any ideas, my e-mail address is:


MOVE: Arrow keys
RUN: Shift(hold)

P.S. If you get annoyed at the intro-credits, I apologize. I added them in at the last second, for no apparent reason.

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Posted by TPK 23rd November, 2005

By the way, press the up arrow to enter the building. You can also press the up arrow when you are standing in front of the money slot on a vending machine to ge t food (you have to have at least 100 moneys).
Posted by Peblo 24th November, 2005

Edited enough?
Posted by Keatontech! 24th November, 2005

Y'know, you can delete the text from the previous edits if you edit it one more time.
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 25th November, 2005

I just did it for ya.
Posted by Mohr Stoutbeard 25th November, 2005

I really dig the main character sprite. The zombies could use more work, but they're still decent. If you can design some cool levels it should prove to be a fun game.
Posted by Cecilectomy 25th November, 2005

it says files corrupt win i try to unzip it with winrar.
Posted by Assault Andy 25th November, 2005

I like it alot, great graphics aswell. However please make it so we can skip the intro . I also think it needs some boxes and stuff here and there for you to have to climb over to add more of a Y dimension to the game.
Posted by Derek_Reaves 25th November, 2005

I love how it cranks my volume up to max . . .
Posted by Peblo 25th November, 2005

Thats the best part, what are you talking about? (I don't have speakers)
Posted by Lukas Hägg 26th November, 2005

Oh, this looks promising!

The jump felt awkward. The thought is good not being able to turn in midair etc) but you could speed up the jump a little. as it is now it's a long delay between pushing jump and the character actually jumping. If it was intended to be such a delay ok, but I still feel that the delay could be a little shorter.
Posted by Rhys D 26th November, 2005

ok this is crazy, but I started a zombie type slasher like 3 weeks ago >_>
Posted by TPK 26th November, 2005

Thank you all very much for your responses!

In the next demo I will definitely make the intro skippable. Also, I did want the jumping to be slightly delayed, but perhaps I should sharten it a little, seeing how it could be frustrating that your character doesn't jump until a second after you press "z".
Posted by TPK 26th November, 2005

Oh, and if it says that the files are corrupt, you may need to download again?
Posted by Derek_Reaves 26th November, 2005

i think you should also leave volume adjustment up to the user.
Posted by TPK 26th November, 2005

Okay, I had a few minutes of spare time, so I made the credits skippable, sped up the jumping delay a little, and fixed a small glitch with the sound. I have the entire first level about 75% mapped out, so once I finish it and implement it into the game, I will make the zombies a little more dangerous (they'll attack you, not just walk towards you and bump into you). The next download (unless someone else turns my attention to something that needs to be fixed) should be the comeplete first level, with zombies, a few other creatures, a boss, and something else that I don't necessarily want to reveal just yet (simply because I may decide that it makes the game to hard).
Posted by TPK 26th November, 2005

@ Derek_Reaves

Oh yeah. Sorry about that. I just updated the file again, this time it doesn't adjust your volume at all (I had that in there because I was testing something and I forgot to remove it).
Posted by Gus Stevenson 27th November, 2005

Looks cool! Not that it's necessary, but since I'm such a sucker for detailed skies, I'd kinda like to see some dark clouds and a creepy moon in the sky
The cemetary graphics kinda remind me of "Ghouls n Ghosts" for NES.
Posted by Chris Reiben 27th November, 2005

I love it
Posted by Alan D James 27th November, 2005

Downloading looks cool reminds me (or the screen shos does) of Ghost & Goblins (but this looks like Arthur on steroids)
Posted by MikeP 27th November, 2005

Posted by Derek_Reaves 27th November, 2005

For some reason when I picked up the chainsaw once, my character turned completely invisible.

Also I second what Assault Andy said. I think it would be pretty boring to just run forward all day .

Otherwise - decent engine (hella high gravity for long falls), and pretty good job on the effects you added.
Posted by P37r1 6th December, 2005

I absolutely don't know why but I kind of love this game. Can't wait for the full version. Good work!
Posted by Mike Haggar 18th January, 2006

Kinda funny that I just gone done playing Resident Evil. I thought the bullets would run out or something but luckily they were in steady supply. I enjoyed running around kicking the heads of zombies like a soccer ball in between killing them but you may want them to disappear at some point without having to shoot or sever them(very minor detail) I never got to the house cuz after I jumped in the water I just kept bleeding all over the place for about a minute and jumping in the water was very glitchy. And then I run off a cliff and it brings me back by the water. Chainsaw rules though.





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