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Roko-Loko no Castelo do Ratozinger
Author: sidney Submitted: 18th November, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 110

The characters Roko-Loko and Adrina-Lina were created almost ten years ago by cartoonist Márcio Baraldi, for the magazine Rock Brigade, and after having issued two success books, it arrived the character´s hour to win a game for PC. His name is "Roko-Loko in the castle of Ratozinger" and it is the first Brazilian game of an adult character to be distributed.
This pioneering project appeared from the partnership between cartoonist Baraldi and SGuerra Design, design company of São Paulo, responsible for the cartoonist's site, and directed by the designer Sidney Guerra, an incurable fan of heavy-metal and former-musician.

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Posted by Ski 18th November, 2005

I love a good british game
Posted by Ski 18th November, 2005

i died climbing a ladder? WTF
Posted by Anders Linder-Norén 18th November, 2005

Slightly difficult to understand, but a blast to play! Really nice to see that come people really put their hearts to create nice graphics!
Posted by Matt Boothman 18th November, 2005

Has this got anything to do with the new Pope?
Posted by sidney 18th November, 2005

hi!!! I´m Sidney Guerra, responsible for the game.
Sorry for just a portuguese version... this is because originally the game is just for brazilians, but I really want to show it outside my country
Roko-Loko is a very popular character here and his objective is to save her girlfriend Adrina-Lina from Ratozinger (yes! it´s the Pope!)
He also have to save 7 rockstars too... (Gene Simmons, Ozzy Osbourne, Eddie from Iron Maiden and more!)
hope you like it!

"Roko-Loko in the Ratozinger´s Castle"

I think it´s easy to understand where to click, but if any questions, just ask me

Posted by DaVince 20th November, 2005

Nice game, but...

1. The standard platform movement isn't very good and makes the game pretty buggy.
2. A multi-language game would have been nice.
3. It's possible you get stuck in a level.

It's a mediocre game. It's pretty fun to play, but needs a bit more work.





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