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Super Stun-N-Run
Author: Chris Och Submitted: 2nd November, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 402
Game of the Week Winner

Edited By Chris Och on 11/3/2005

The animals have gone wild!! You are Parker, a safari explorer armed with a stun gun, and it is your job to free the baby animals that are caged in each level of the island.

Collect the keys any way that you can, and use your stun gun wisely.

27 levels with 3 different areas of the island, as well as plenty of bonus levels, secret bonus levels and boss fights!

From the jungles, snowy mountains to the cactus-filled deserts, track down the mystery behind the captured animals!

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Posted by axel 2nd November, 2005

The first two screenshots are the same.
Is that arcade thingy real?

Posted by Aptennap 2nd November, 2005

i looks great!maybe a bttr description?
Posted by The Chris Street 2nd November, 2005

The quality speaks for itself in this very rare case.
Posted by hishnak 2nd November, 2005

Its a good game...but that means samhians probably going to loss to it in the game of the week. Man, I had that one under my belt.
Posted by pulsecode 2nd November, 2005

Really nice game!
I love the graphics style. The bonus stages really annoy the hell out of me for some reason but..meh!
There are a few choices in the way the game plays that i find a bit odd, like they don't flow as well as they could. But regardless, it's a really nice production.
Glad to see it finally released!
Posted by Cecilectomy 3rd November, 2005

this is pure wootness!
Posted by SyKo 3rd November, 2005

Damn good game. Very original. However, on one of the bonus missions, I was bouncing on these spring things, and i bounced up into the corner of the screen and never returned to earth I was forced to sit in the corner watch the timer expire helplessly. Cool game otherwise.
Posted by Johan Hargne (Wartagon) 3rd November, 2005

The game is very well made.
But I do think that everyone, no matter how good they are at making games, should have the same responsibility to write decent descriptions for their games. And this one is clearly not infomative enough.
Posted by Teapot 3rd November, 2005

I really never thought I'd see this. Pinch me (because I'm into that kind of thing, call me).
Posted by Wormware 3rd November, 2005

wow!! ADDICTIVE GAME... looks really good..
Posted by The Chris Street 3rd November, 2005

I'll speak to Chris about the description
Posted by Johan Hargne (Wartagon) 3rd November, 2005

Thank you, Circy. You're doing a great job
Posted by Simon Colmer 3rd November, 2005

yeah, i agree, this should have a better description! I remember seeing this at the click convention, taken ages to come out

Posted by Robbert 3rd November, 2005

This is really good. I like the oldschool graphics and cutscenes. Also it has an original concept
Posted by Chris Och 3rd November, 2005

Before you send Circy to make me write a better description, and have him use his belt on me (not that the idea doesn't sound tempting ), I have updated the description. Thanks for the postive feedback everyone!
Posted by Chris Och 3rd November, 2005

I have updated the description. Thank you for the positive feedback everyone!
Posted by Broomie 3rd November, 2005

I hardly download games anymore, yet I have to say anything from Natomic goes straight to my drive. In this case, I'm glad it did, one of the finest freeware games I've played in a while. If this was released on the NES or SNES or whatever back in the day, no doubt this would be considered a classic.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 3rd November, 2005

It's finally out!

Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 3rd November, 2005

I'm going to review this!
Posted by ben mercer 3rd November, 2005

This has a nasty bug in it- sometimes when i jump i go flying up really fast and go off the top of the screen and dont come back... think your code needs revising
Posted by danjo 3rd November, 2005

well done chris
Posted by steve 3rd November, 2005

awesome... is this your own concept or based on an old arcade?
brilliantly made either way
Like a breath of fresh air back into the community!
Posted by citizen[Ac] 3rd November, 2005

Ok, I haven't been logged in for over a year, but thought this game warranted my comments.

First of all, great game with all the NES-ish goodness as always. Chris has a knack for gameplay and I love his graphical style.

If I'm write, this game originally started waaaay back on Total Klik (was that the name?) when the whole 4 color game craze was in its full swing (ahh, the good ole days). The game is great, reminiscent of such classics as Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong JR (3). Just goes to show that 2D RULES!!

My only problem is that it could stand some more worlds/levels, but hey, I'm picky.

Oh, love the Bananarama Monkey in it!

aka citizen
Posted by Chris Och 4th November, 2005

Of course, Citizen, you helped me with some of the elements right from the beginning. Yep, this started way back when we had that 4 color comp on Total Klik. Funny how that craze brought out alot from the community. I was a little late in entering it back then, so I decided to make it a full game .

Yes, it is my original design and concept, but Photoshopped an arcade, as if it came out in the 80's .
Posted by citizen[Ac] 4th November, 2005

wow just noticed I used "write" instead of "right". boy am i stoopid when it comes to spalling.
Posted by CsaR 5th November, 2005

Nice game indeed. Impressive that you could be bothered to make a unique bonus level to each regurlar level. Or atleast I think they are unique...
Posted by MasterM 5th November, 2005

"After a very short time long time in development"
hahaha that totally made me laugh. good one chris.

yeh i remember when you started to work on the game, Chris Och. It was still in black and white, only 2 bit, and was supposed to be one of the 2bit games we were all making on Total Klik. Oh man that was AGES ago and a lot of fun. And NOW its finally finished. I hope it was worth all the time but BETTER LATER THAN NEVER
Posted by Imadjinn 5th November, 2005

I've looked forward to this game for an age and a day... Will most certainly leave feedy once I've had my fill!

(ps: new look c-g rules)
Posted by Imadjinn 5th November, 2005

Bloody great stuff. Well worth the wait.
Posted by mojofltr 5th November, 2005

I've long awaited another Chris Och release since Depth Diver! Fantastic stuff here, mate! It bears similarities to all three of the Donkey Kong games as well as the original Mario Bros and others. Well done! I'm going to remap my gamepad to the keyboard and give it another go!

Posted by mojofltr 5th November, 2005

Level 14 was a bitch, and I'm not sure how to get to the top of 15, yet.

One last comment from me to praise this gem. Wee
Posted by mojofltr 5th November, 2005

:? Okay, so it wasn't my last comment. I accidentally found the debug menu, and I'm really not sure how. Now whenever I go to LOAD my game, I can choose whichever level I'd like to start on instead of picking up where I left off - Odd.
Posted by Chris Och 5th November, 2005

You say you mapped your joystick to the keyboard? Well, there is a debug menu, and it's kind of a hidden option. Maybe your joystick is enabling this cheat every time? Try just using your keyboard to load, and report back .
Posted by mojofltr 6th November, 2005

I figured it out after my last post. D'oh!

Whatever happened to the edit feature on here? :lol:
Posted by Yai7 8th November, 2005

Who is Stan? Ren is the dog I know.
But Stan... Didn't he suicided after mailing Eminem?

Ghee... Playing a dead character, boy! Is it about scrolling a corpse of a dead meat over the screen? Ren should eat it, so does Stimpy!

Hey! People! Seems that's a game about Ren and Stimpy!!! Nickolodeon fans! Download it now!!!
Posted by DaVince 8th November, 2005

Stan and Rimpy?
Posted by Dogzer 13th November, 2005

DIS GAM SUX00RZ L0L0L0L0!!!!1111111111
Posted by izac 15th November, 2005

i don't like this game, truly an EYE ACHER! a mind breaker, i roll like cheater.

no seriously, i don't like this game!
Posted by Chrisbo 15th November, 2005

wow, I can't believe this game was finished! I remember this was under development for virtually real...
Posted by hapsi 19th November, 2005

How the hell i can get keys in cameleont level..? By shooting them?
Posted by Chris Och 19th November, 2005

cameleont level? What level is that?
Posted by Alan D James 23rd November, 2005

This game rock, it's real cool a MUST!!! plat for all retro fans





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