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(Fixed Link;WIP)Aladdin Engine
Author: RageMario Submitted: 28th October, 2005 Favourites:0
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I figured I'd join this place after stalking around for a few years.

This is my most recent engine I've been working on in MMF. I'm trying to replicate the Genesis version of one of the better movie-to-videogames, Aladdin(Personally I was never a big fan of the SNES one). This really just goes over most of the basic stuff in the game, such as your sword attacks, climbing, etc. Since I don't have the enemy sprites, you can only attack a long orange block. Abu is also included. Also, there's probaly still a few glitches here and there, still trying to figure out how to fix'em.(Also, you can't die yet)

Up/Down- Look Up/Climb/Crouch
Ctrl-Slash(Up + Ctrl for a multi slash attack as Aladdin. Hold Ctrl while running for repeated slashes as Abu.)
Space-Throw Apples
Z-Add Apples
+/--Edit Health
1/2-Switch Characters
Q-Create Standing Stick Guard
W-Create Chasing Stick Guard
E-Create Knife-Throwing Guard

And yes, the graphics are ripped from the game itself. I probaly won't make it open source until I decide to finish it(or can it).

EDIT:Added a new screen just to show you I haven't forgot about this yet. =P

EDIT 2:I didn't wanna leave you guys in the dust, so I'll give you a semi-update for the time being.

EDIT 3:No I haven't forgotten about this engine. I've been tied up with other stuff and didn't get to work on the engine. Eventually I "might" finish it, but I'm not sure when. >> I could release the open-source version but the coding in the event editor is kinda...messy. Anyways I changed the link and you can moonjump with the X button(so Abu can reach the other places and stuff). More guards can be on the screen at one time now(15 instead of 5).

Changes/New Stuff:
-Added 2 types of guards(Abu can kill any enemy in 1 hit;might be a few movement issue)
-Updated the stage(even though the design sucks )
-Changed the scrolling clouds due to some problems I couldn't fix. sad.gif
-Added Horizontal Poles

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Posted by Assault Andy 29th October, 2005

Looks impressive, but it's a bit short. I like the parallax in the background aswell.
Posted by Noyb 29th October, 2005

Ooh. I loved Aladdin for Genesis.
Posted by Liquixcat 29th October, 2005

Aren't they identicle?
Posted by RageMario 29th October, 2005

The Genesis and SNES versions of Aladdin where two completly different games(The Genesis version was done by Virgin Interactive, while the SNES version was by Capcom). The most noticable differece is that you get a sword in the Genesis version, while in the SNES version you don't.
Posted by Flava 30th October, 2005

I also had the Mega Drive (Genesis?) one. Was pretty good - downloading this engine now :)
Posted by maVado 30th October, 2005

cool! I ripped Alladin's sprite a while ago for the Amiga Version I also have part of the enemies, but could rip all of them if you are interested in makeing your engine into a game.
Posted by Leric 30th October, 2005

You should definately use this to make an original game.
Posted by Tomssuli 3rd November, 2005

Amiga's aladdin was great... I even played it through with hardest difficulty!
Posted by kjarom 15th November, 2005

This game was VERY, VERY good. Nicely done.
Posted by Wormware 26th November, 2005

really really good!!! love the engine..

On which side of his pants is the patch btw?
Posted by kevin karstens 13th December, 2005

Link is broken....;(

Posted by kevin karstens 13th December, 2005

Link is broken....;(

Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 2nd January, 2006

I'm sad.
Posted by RageMario 30th March, 2006

Now its un-broken.

Unfortunatly I had to upload it to one of those crazy sites that makes you wait a while before the download. I needz to find a better place to host it.

But it'll have to do.





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