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Orbster - Engine Test
Author: Derek_Reaves Submitted: 22nd October, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 70

A game a friend and I were working on. An old idea from around 2000/2001 I believe, re-made. We put it to the side and haven't touched it for the longest time :/. Theres a decent chance we may pick it back up later and re-make it again.

It's just an engine test so don't expect every single thing to be intact.

Run around, jump on enemies and test stuff out.

Jump into a wall and press shift to do a wall jump.

There is one known problem, thats not really a bug that I never got around to fixing. When you jump on the enemies that are at the top of the water and hold jump, sometimes you will fly up extremely high. This is because of the way the water engine was made. I would have fixed it but just never got around to it . . .if this is ever picked up again it will definitely be fixed.

Arrows move and shift jumps.

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Posted by Windybeard Games 22nd October, 2005

Some really nice effects! i really like the wall jump, works really well!




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