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Author: The DOBROVOD Submitted: 27th September, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 146

Edited By The DOBROVOD on 9/27/2005

Panzermeister is another clone of Scorched Earth. This game is only for two players, but you can play it against AI, with another human on same PC or over nerwork. To spread destruction you can use weapons or powerups which will fall from sky during game.

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Posted by izac 28th September, 2005

Ripped graphics! And i don't like games with ripped graphics!
Posted by izac 28th September, 2005

You appear to be using an .ocx in your game. why have you not included it? >:|
Posted by Reno 28th September, 2005

What is an .ocx? This game isn't that bad. But if you are going to make this style of game, make the shots actually dependent on the player. I shot 5 shelles on Force 120,Angel 60, and all 5 shells landed in diffrent places.
Posted by The DOBROVOD 28th September, 2005

You are right U.2. 2 of all pictures in game are ripped. Pictures of panzer and nuke. And that grey background in menu. Forgive me please :) For Reno: There is wind. When your turn starts, it is randomized. How strong it is you can see in top center of screen.
Posted by izac 28th September, 2005

that tank comes from Metal Slug 3! :P
Posted by Ecstazy 28th September, 2005

Not liking a game because of the origin of its graphics is one of the most retarded points of view I've ever heard.
Posted by Tomssuli 28th September, 2005

panzer games spread like horny rabbits :D
Posted by izac 28th September, 2005

Posted by Erik 28th September, 2005

@U2 What makes you think that the tank came from MS3?. Why not MS, Ms2 or MSX ???
Posted by Simon Colmer 29th September, 2005

Tis a good idea but personaly i dont like it, i cant ever get it near the AI and he just bombards me!
Posted by izac 29th September, 2005

cuase i have the game, and it's identica; to Metal slugs tank!
Posted by steve 29th September, 2005

doesnt work, file missing.
Posted by izac 29th September, 2005

an .ocx file by any chance?:P
Posted by pulsecode 29th September, 2005

"U.2 cuase i have the game, and it's identica; to Metal slugs tank!" Congratulations!! Actually, Erik was just asking why you were so sure it was from Metal Slug 3, and not 1,2,x etc. The basic tank is pretty much identical throughout the series up to 5. I can't run it either (yes, missing ocx! Rah!) Offhand i have no idea what that is (and no real inspiration to go look!) It's generally a good idea to include all required files with a download... or at least link to files that are required! Meh! On impressions of the images, i don't like the fact that when the landscape is destroyed, a sillhouette of it remains (with lines from explosions etched into it in places). I mean, if the gfx arent yours, at least the code should be tight.. IMO. Ofcourse i can't really judge though! As i can;t run it ..AHEM! Just impressions from the images provided! ;^)
Posted by Simon Colmer 30th September, 2005

i also hate the moon, as it always defending the ai - your bullets hit the moon!!
Posted by Milo 1st October, 2005

My computer can't run it :(
Posted by Zethell 11th October, 2005

Ripped Graphics dosnt make the gameplay Bad U.2. Gez.. If i remade a "Ninja Gaiden" game, would you say that it sucked just because i used the ninja gaiden graphics?.
Posted by Zethell 11th October, 2005

And stop complaining about mswinsck.ocx, if you really want it soo bad go google it. For those who dosnt know how to google here's a link.





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