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Assault Squad demo (updated)
Author: Simon Elo Submitted: 24th June, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 111

Edited By Simon Elo on 8/24/2006

Included in Demo 2.1:

- Great grapchics
- One area playable with one- and two player mode
- You can drop and pick-up weapons
- One controllable vehicle
- Three different guns + bombs
- Level Editor demo version
- Full intro
- Built-in pause
- Now fully playable with laptops,
thanks to version 2.1

Assault Squad's main character is Wedge Ream, 20,
the son of Genea's most known soldier. The second important character is Bog Maron, 19, a friend of Wedge and platoon captain of Genean high ranked assault squad. Others will not be revealed yet...

The Genean Empire and Bodurian Empire have been in war for 2 long years after Bodurian General called "Nomad" took power at Boduria...the father of Wedge, Sledge, was killed in a important infiltration mission inside the Bodurian territory. A week ago platoon leader, captain Flo Borom was killed in ambush at the border of the two battling empires.
Geneans managed to get to space with only one main ship, and they are forced to get back to Genean army HQ to repair and get ammo.

And in that situation, you start...

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Posted by Assault Andy 24th June, 2005

Great demo, just some tips: Make sure you change the weapon's action spots to the ends of the guns, for instance when I am shooting the berreta it comes out of the hand with no gun in it. Numpad buttons are a little hard to use for people like me, because im using a laptop and the numpad buttons are ontop of my other keys. Maybe you could have alternate keys, or be able to change them? Your team mate is very stupid. What you should do is take out the shoot option, change it to a 'halt' option. Then make a line of sight for him, whether it be by shooting invisible detectors or a method involving maths. When he sees an enemy make him shoot, because at the moment its quite annoying when I'm being shot at and I have to tell him to shoot, only to find that he looks at a wall firing his gun to a timer. I like the storyline and intro alot, keep up the good work.
Posted by Willy C 25th June, 2005

I use laptop to, I dont even have numpad buttons, so I cant shoot and stuff
Posted by Simon Elo 25th June, 2005

Hmm I consider making a "new" demo with the buttons and maybe some other stuff fixed. I don't own a laptop and haven't used one that much, so I didn't know this numpad problem. Sorry about that.
Posted by Simon Elo 25th June, 2005

This is a funny request, but could eg. Assault Andy give a link to a image taken of his laptop? Since I have no idea how the buttons are in those things. :D
Posted by maVado 26th June, 2005 on almost all laptops it looks like above, just imagine that you put the numpad keys and put them right in the middle of your normal keyboard layout.
Posted by Simon Elo 26th June, 2005

Thanks for the pic, maVado, it helped. I have now uploaded version 2.1 of the demo. It doesn't use any numpad buttons now, so it is fully playable with laptops! I also added so that your buddy can be commanded to wait, not shoot. I will maybe implement it later on. Some other minor tweaks have been added too, just to make the overall experience smoother. I did try to make the hotspots better, but it ended up looking the same. D'oh.
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 27th June, 2005

Is it supposed to strobe like that when the actual game starts? Cos it makes it unplayable, and it made me have a seizure.
Posted by Simon Elo 28th June, 2005

It did a strobe on your PC? Hmmm my apologies, but didn't do on mine or any of the computers I have tried it on.
Posted by thinlikenate 29th June, 2005

yeah, great graphics. i especially like the default font for all of the counters. those are great.
Posted by Simon Elo 29th June, 2005

Well I wasn't talking about the counters. I didn't know someone cares about them so much. :P
Posted by ben mercer 12th July, 2005

Please, one thing you must remember: OR ink effects look crap for explosions, i wouldnt use them. Either use a semitransparent particle type explosion, a solid single sprite type explosion or an alpha channeled single sprite type explosion, they will never let you down.
Posted by ben mercer 12th July, 2005

You should change it so that you don't have to throw a bomb at the weak wall to get through to the next bit, because i used up my bombs. You ever played starwars republic commando? That had a pretty cool system for blowing down walls: you went up to the wall and held down spacebar to set up the charge, which usually took about 10 seconds. And you didn't run out of charges either, so that would be something to consider. I think theres a demo download of that somewhere but it's like 600 megs or something stupid.





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