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Shogun Dynasty
Author: Peda Kimball-Evans Submitted: 30th April, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 64

Edited By Peda Kimball-Evans on 4/30/2005

*update: Sorry for not changing the host sooner, daily click wouldn't work on my PC for some time. Apologies for yet another freewebs hosted game -so comments shouldn't contain complaints of slow downloading please.*

This is my last game I made on KnP before I moved to TGF.
There are 3 level types, each with an infinite possibility of level layout, as the levels are random!

The controls are VERY easy to use and get used to, the game can be played with just the mouse (although keyboard control helps when using a commander)!

There is basically no story to the game. It's a pick-up-and-play type thing (more like turn-on-and-play).

Reading the help pages is a BIG help, and easily understandable, but here's a basic rundown of the controls.

Left Click = change job
Right Click = veiw strats
Middle Click = stop all moving
Double middle click = continue moving

Arrow keys = move
Right Control/Left click = change job
NumPad 0(Ins)/Right click = veiw stats

Right Click = veiw stats


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Posted by axel 30th April, 2005

can't dl :(
Posted by Joey Drasal 30th April, 2005

The URL not found on this server. CANT DL!!!
Posted by -Vinny- 30th April, 2005

the title makes this sound really good, too bad i can't dl ... fix the link plz
Posted by Peda Kimball-Evans 30th April, 2005

*regarding previous comments* No Downloading Problem fixed! (at the cost of using freewebs)
Posted by Roman-the-evil 30th April, 2005

Copy the link into the adress bar to d/l. Very nicely done! Great idea and well done game, if you would decide to make some improvements, like balance, difficulty, etc. it would be even greater. Right now it is very easy to win even if you choose big amount of time. I suggest you you change the winning/losing conditions, like to win you destroy where enemies come from, to lose you lose your base. Second, you should improve the ai of workers. They aim on the furthest of trees. And incude all help into a text file. On some computers text from Click-and-play programs does not display correctly, and is very hard to read. You can also continue developing the concept of game, by adding a campaign, new units and stuff, as the idea has great potential.
Posted by Peda Kimball-Evans 30th April, 2005

Thanks for the great advise Roman-the-evil, work is now underway on an improved version (using TGF will improve greatly on the KnP version). You've inspired me, and the text is arial, so it shouldn't be that hard? A Help file will be made as well anyway :) Please keep commenting people - Look forward to the next version (comment on any improvements you'd like to see as well).
Posted by Roman-the-evil 30th April, 2005

Btw, I forgot to say that one of the reasons why this idea has great potential is that this is indirect control strategy, when you can set the general tactic of actions for units, but not control them directly. Most of real-time strategies today are direct control. Second, this is a mix of genres: action+strategy, since you can control commander with keyboard, as if it would be yourself on the battle field.
Posted by hop 30th April, 2005

That was pretty cool. Try to make the controls better so you can more easily select men and change jobs. I think it would be better if you could change the job of a selected man with the keyboard because it would be faster. Also it would be good to be able to select multible men.
Posted by Jack Galilee 1st May, 2005

Its not that I cant download is more that I dont want to download the Library Graphics in the last Screenshot, are very off putting!
Posted by axel 1st May, 2005

have you at all thought about those who don't have a middle mouse-button :'( actually i have one, but i'm just telling you. :P
Posted by axel 1st May, 2005

lol u got that title music from dungeon siege XD
Posted by Peda Kimball-Evans 2nd May, 2005

Dungeon siege, that's right. And I hardly ever use the stop and start allies moving with the mouse button anyway, so I thought it'd be a bonus for those fortunate enough to have one





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