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The Update engine source
Author: juraj5 Submitted: 28th February, 2005 Favourites:0
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Edited By juraj5 on 2/28/2005

Alright, here's the source of the update wizard. Do what you want, just leave me the credit

First of all, change the program name in levels 2 and 4.

Let's start how this thing works, right? The first thing it does is checks are the files there. Check for comment in the events editor in 1. level.

Then it downloads the version.txt file from the server(level 3, change it, if you change the save as name, you'll need to take care of that in levels 5 & 6). If it can't connect to server, it'll throw an error message.

It compares the version found in downloaded version file and in local version file(you'll need to change these 2 in levels 5 and 6).

If they mismatch, wizard will continue. If they match, wizard will stop.

If versions are mismatched(server has newer version), program will download the zip file with new files(level 7, change the location of that file) and extract them(level 9, change the local zip file if you changed it in level 7).

And that is that :x

How to operate it? When releasing a new version, include all new files in a zip file. Change the file containing the version number too to the new version(it ALWAYS must be in the update zip). Upload the zip to your ftp(level 7, remember?) and update the new remote version file to FTP( done in level 3). Yup, it's that easy

If you got any questions...

You'll need Unzip object(GIF sistemas), Popup message object 2(Cellosoft) and Supa Supa Download.

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Posted by Yuhkaz 1st March, 2005

Thats better :D
Posted by 10th January, 2006

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