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360 Sonic Base Engine(Open Source)
Author: RC Submitted: 26th February, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Engine Downloads: 723

**Sonic Engine Base Primer**
by RC & DamiZean, 2005

Here is my second(and last) Open Source Sonic the Hedgehog base engine for MMF. Was a painful 2 weeks of work(and Sonic engines in general for a while). Basically, it should provide you with all of the backbreaking(or in this case, mind bending) base physics from a Sonic the Hedgehog game.

I've only included the most basic features, because I expect you to want to understand enough that you can make your own complete movement from this base. If I were to do all of the work for you, 1)every click Sonic game released would feel the same and 2)you wouldn't understand it enough to make your *own* additions. I've only done about 40 hrs of it for you . It's more well commented than any open-source Sonic physics engine I've ever seen, So given you're at a relatively intermediate-advanced level in MMF you should be able to understand. If not, you can get some base concepts tutorials from Sonic Fangames Headquarters( and maybe that will help.

Remember to read the comments! It's well commented; also the group "Engine References" has some valuable information to help you understand. If you don't understand, post about it and I may update the commenting.

Note: The app. runs in 320x240 so if it doesn't load, try taking it out of fullscreen mode.

The extensions used that don't come with MMF are:
- The Advanced Math Object
- The Change Animation Speed Object
you can get all of these from The Click Abyss(

Give credit if you use it. Hope you guys find this to be useful :]

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Posted by mushi-games 26th February, 2005

excellent work RC, incredibly accurate engine, far far better than anything ever released as an actual game click game. sonic is the epitome of advanced platforming physics.
Posted by Assault Andy 26th February, 2005

Awesome engine, could be expanded on to create many types of games.
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 27th February, 2005

The only thing that I feel is missing is rolling - otherwise this is greatness itself.
Posted by Kris 27th February, 2005

Could anyone compile this for us non-MMFers? :B
Posted by RedHades 27th February, 2005

Nice, I like how sonic sticks well on the curved ceilling. It's still jiggly on the platforms though.
Posted by Tigerworks 27th February, 2005

Nice, good job, thanks for posting it open source.
Posted by Silveraura 27th February, 2005

Yeah, better then 98% of all those wannabe sonic engines made in MMF, like Tigerworks said, thanks for the open source, helps us learn to use it & keeps u from looking like your just tryng to show off. X-D Good job, real nice engine.
Posted by RC 28th February, 2005

*shameless plug* tho i might be showing off when i work on my actual Sonic game a bit.. *end shameless plug* lol but jokes aside, thx for the feedback guys
Posted by Jack Galilee 28th February, 2005

I think itd be better if you realeased another example, showing the basics of moving up and down slopes, and changing directions!
Posted by RC 28th February, 2005

hm.. what do you mean? if you elaborate maybe I can do it. It already supports moving up and down slopes.. it also supports changing directions... Maybe what you're looking for is at SFGHQ?(read the post).
Posted by Steve Harris 28th February, 2005

I think Mr ToTaL was having an attempt at humour
Posted by vortex2 2nd March, 2005

Great Job on this! The only thing I could find that kind of bugged me was the spring (it seemed to spring up before it touched the spring and I dont think the spring had animation :P) but other then that it was all pretty solid. The spin dash would of been nice to see but it is still a great example. Keep up the good work :).
Posted by Cazra 2nd March, 2005

Very nice. However it would be harder to implement since all the platforms are active objects. If there were a way to make this engine using backdrops and quickbackdrops as platforms, it'd be much more practical for use in a klik game.
Posted by Steve Harris 3rd March, 2005

Well its not too difficult and won't be too big a file as you just duplicate the active objects. I really don't think that this could be done and look as close to a sonic engine as it does using backdrops... great job tho :)
Posted by RC 3rd March, 2005

================ Very nice. However it would be harder to implement since all the platforms are active objects. If there were a way to make this engine using backdrops and quickbackdrops as platforms, it'd be much more practical for use in a klik game. ===================== Erm.. dude.. the platforms can be set as obstacles as well(did you check out the events even? o_O). Also, the spring is not meant to be a real spring its just to show off the cling upside down function. I made this as a learning tool, not to copy. The next thing I might at TDC is my custom animation engine(using the APO) but i'd need to make some modifications to make it releasable. Anyway, comments are appreciated as always tho! :D
Posted by DistantJ [FZ Games] 4th March, 2005

If you wanna use non-active objects for platforms I'm pretty sure system boxes will work. Nice work, RC. It's nice to see a second decent Sonic engine. I was *almost* there, just was having trouble with the gravity, and then someone submitted a 360 engine to SFGHQ which helped me get that last bit tacked on. I hope that this one is nice and easy to work with for other fan gamers since this way we might finally get some Sonic fan games that are playable rather than ones with clunky engines filled with gimmicky path movements and such, you know? Are you going to be making a game with this? Cause I'm kinda tired of the Sonic Fan Games community just showing off what they can do but not actually doing it, I wanna play some games! LoL.
Posted by RC 10th March, 2005

Yeah, hopefully. My artist is doing levels/cutscenes and I'm programming(when we're not busy with work/college/gf/procrastination/life). Engine is 20% complete to be realistic(Base physics, base moves & Knuckles are done). I'm giving myself 3-4 months to finish with the engine and by then my artist should have done at least 2 levels and the test level GFX along with a few other things. Maybe i'll release an engine test but I think I might skip out on a demo
Posted by Robert Welch 26th May, 2005

Posted by RC 17th July, 2005

sure... -_-. Anyway people I just started working on the engine again a week ago it's about 70% done(for Sonic: Corrupted Chaos). Expect a demo around Halloween
Posted by Crazy Chris 20th September, 2005

i dont have mmf could someone make a tgf version?
Posted by jpSoul 5th July, 2006

Posted by Harvest Sun O_O 5th July, 2006

Link's broken. Any chance of it being fixed?
Posted by Stick 12th November, 2020

link is broken





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