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Agent DD Demo1
Author: Joe the Shmo Submitted: 30th January, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 107

WARNING: Rated M (for Mature) for naughty stuff

Okay, this game is an action-adventure platformer where you control a sexy, busty, jiggly female secret agent. The music, graphics, plot and coding are original. There are a few bugs with the sound effects and graphics sometimes, but they are fairly minor, and shouldn't detract from the overall experience.

Here's a download for those of you with WinRAR:

And here's for those of you with WinZip or something like that:

Enjoy, and don't forget to post comments or write a review or something!

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Posted by Teapot 30th January, 2005

DLing, looks like alot of effort went into the graphics.
Posted by Flava 31st January, 2005

Its great so far - although the 2nd level is rather short and looks a lot more rushed (I think some graphics on it are ripped from Sonic the hedgehog?). What I played so far was good though :)
Posted by Teapot 31st January, 2005

you are a dirty guy ;) great engine and nice graphics.
Posted by Daiz [Team Fire Games] 31st January, 2005

You put your file to fwebs, bad choice, you know.
Posted by Joshua M. 31st January, 2005

Gee, someone try to put that Freewebs server down. Blow it up or something so no one will have trouble with sites anymore XD peace at last
Posted by Daiz [Team Fire Games] 31st January, 2005

But atleast this is very funny game, you perv :D
Posted by Joshua M. 31st January, 2005

Ha, I downloaded it, I have to say, you must be a pervert :P The game was fun
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 31st January, 2005

Wow, you are quite a pervert. :P Downloading... ;)
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 31st January, 2005

Posted by AsparagusTrevor 31st January, 2005

I really enjoyed that, short as it was. The engine was pretty good and the graphics and pervy humour were cool also.
Posted by Noyb 31st January, 2005

All that talk about replacing her brain, and not a single blatant blonde joke...
Posted by DaVince 1st February, 2005

2.4 kb/s... Damn...
Posted by alibaba 1st February, 2005

teheh its great!
Posted by alibaba 1st February, 2005

ah - just finished it! is a touch on the small side ;)....
Posted by Vanloon 1st February, 2005

Just to satisfy my curiosity, what were the effects that only worked if you turned the brightness down? P.S Good so far, nice jiggling
Posted by Joe the Shmo 1st February, 2005

Well, it's not REALLY any effects, but the graphics were just created with low brightness, and I found that they don't look too good with lots of brightness. :P
Posted by Noyb 2nd February, 2005

Pay attention during the tutorial. :p
Posted by Joe the Shmo 4th February, 2005

Press Enter.
Posted by Bo Fu 11th April, 2005

This is awesome, but I have three suggestions: 1) Make it easier to grab the rope in the second level. 2) Cut up several of the longer scenes into multiple frames. I only want to skip SOME of the information. 3) When you're parachuting in the second level, if you hit control you'll hear a kick noise but no animation.





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