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Zhaard & The Crystal FULL VERSION
Author: m. collar Submitted: 25th January, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 160


Full Version - 9 levels

Arrows - Movement
Up + Arrows - Jump
Esc - Exit level
Spacebar - Skip Dialog

To jump in the back of the floting creatures, jump above their heads
and push down to mount them.
You can control them with the LEFT/RIGHT arrows.
You can smash them against a wall to kill them.

Zhaard's Scarf works as his health meter.
Long Scarf - 3 Lives
Short Scarf - 2 Lives
No Scarf - 1 life
Beware the spikes! They will kill you in one hit!

You must collect every crystal in each level and exit on foot by the side
of the map.

Remember, you can save the game touching the floating Holy Books !!

Go to EXTRAS and disable the noise filter !

I think that's all.

Mail Any Questions to

Thanks for your time!

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Posted by matt-e-h 26th January, 2005

Screens look good, downloading it now :)
Posted by DaVince 26th January, 2005

Already? That went quick! Downloading...
Posted by DaVince 26th January, 2005

It looks very nice, you gave help, too, wich is very good. The game has a short gameplay, though... I quit after 10 minutes.
Posted by mojofltr 26th January, 2005

I just spent a good hour playing this one through from the start to finish. The third level is probably the hardest! I love this game and I hope that if there is not a sequel, there will at least be a level generator... :-) The story is nice, but could be elaborated on. Maybe instead of having the dialogue play over the screen during gameplay, you could have cut scenes, like Ninja Gaiden. I played through both endings. I thought the bad ending was perfect, but the good ending could have had more punch - maybe a reward screen or maybe the wizard could explain more about the Oracle. I only found one bug along the way. If you are falling from the sky (enough to take damage) and you catch a beanstalk, you remain in falling position until you climb to the ground. Then you still take the damage when you climb down. (Does that make sense?) Anyways, I really love this game. It is probably my favorite Klik game that I have ever downloaded. Yeah, it uses the default platform engine, but the gameplay rules! It's a nice mix of action, adventure, and puzzle all in one. Makes me wish I thought of it first. :-) I couldn't have pulled it off as skillfully though.
Posted by Philipe (Phil-Con Games) 26th January, 2005

Fojo..mer.. til... couldn't have put it better! Other than a few minor glitches (I got the crystal in the first level and hit the ground, and instead of landing, i got stuck underground, lol) and a lack of music, I think its pretty good
Posted by Liquixcat 26th January, 2005

I like the Noise Filter. The game overall is a bit too slow paced or something. It has an ambience to it though, which is truely hard to achieve with klik games.
Posted by SlowMotionRiot 2nd February, 2005

I had the same problem that Philipe experienced...I rattled around underground a bit before finally popping back out. I really liked the visual style of the game, and the noise is a great touch--adding a distant, fatasy style quality to the game. My trouble with the game has nothing to do with the visuals, or the basic storyline, but with the platform engine. The controls seemed clunky to me, was a bit buggy at times (including the bug previously mentioned) and the fact that you could jump only while moving was a true annoyance. You want my advice? Maintain the visual style, but brush up on the game engine. Nice work!
Posted by Noyb 2nd February, 2005

Fun! Reviewed.
Posted by m. collar 3rd February, 2005

Thanks for the review ! Thanks everyone for the comments and suggestions !!
Posted by Digital Dream software 13th February, 2005

this game is very good, IMO the platform movement is good, and i like the overall style!- and the fact that the noise filter can be turned off, nice touch there! ive used some of those stringing effects in my games before, they work well if you know when to use them, nice touch with the evil beasts there and their bones following them!






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