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Author: James Montagna Submitted: 15th January, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 46

Edited By James Montagna on 1/15/2005

XInvert (prounced "ex-invert") is an action platformer unlike any other! You'll be challenged to take a step into the native HOLY and HELL Worlds of our alter ego bearing friend "Tentou", helping to scout out the Goal, and rescue Check-Point Charm friends along the way. To do this, you must first alter the hero's attribute to be either good or evil. Then, guide the character to the Goal without touching a platform that is not of the corresponding attribute! Sound easy? It becomes quite challenging! Stray, erratic spikes may pop out at you... Outstretched gaps will keep you on your toes, jumping from block to block! Throughout the game, you'll enjoy various techno loops-- but if these don't suit your taste, pop in a Music CD to set your own mood. Can you accept the challenging crusade that awaits?

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Posted by Joshua M. 15th January, 2005

I see a library explosion there :|. Meh, I don't care, I'm downloading XD
Posted by Joshua M. 15th January, 2005

I kinda like it! About that library explosion, I think you used it wisely and it looks funny which is good. The game is hard and very challenging. I like that in a game. Some things could have been done better though. Like, did you use the built in platform movement? And when you transform a new object is created, right? You could have just changed it's animation too, as it is now the speed and gravity is set to 0 which is not making things easier. It makes things more difficult, but not quite in a good way. By the way, about those music loops, are those WAV files you use? Not a good choice, I recommend you use mp3 files in combination with the DMC2 extension. MP3s are a lot smaller. If you are going to update that, keep this in your mind: 1) If I use MP3 files with DMC2 I need to put the BASS.DLL file in the zip file too 2) If I use MP3 files with DMC2 I need to put the MP3 files in the zip file too
Posted by Joshua M. 15th January, 2005

Oops I didn't see that there was a walk animation and different directions. Hmm, yup, you'll need a custom movement engine to fix that tranformation thing.
Posted by Wormware 16th January, 2005

COOL game, and very unlike any other. And cool music :P I'll write a review later!! :D
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 16th January, 2005

That's a damn hard game with an original concept.
Posted by Noyb 17th January, 2005

Neat concept, but it'd probably be simpler to just map the transformation to another button, instead of having to move your mouse over a colored block, then over the character in midair.
Posted by DaVince 22nd January, 2005

There's a help file, you know. I agree on noyb.




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