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Paths to Ęther
Author: -Vinny- Submitted: 12th January, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 146

Edited By Sensation on 1/13/2005

Paths to Ęther is a simple Shoot 'Em Up game, with emphasis on game mechanic customization, the main idea is that, violence - portrayed through shooting - is one of the many paths to Ęther, otherwise similar to nirvana or heaven. So you can think of it as being able to accomplish as much as you can before entering the Ęther, in this case it just so happens that the higher the score you attain for kills the better you will feel about it at the end! ( that's if you enjoy inflicting pain on others )

the game has 2 main modes of play

Level Mode (Difficulty mode)
- here you can choose between 3 different levels of difficulty + a practice level

Time Trial Mode
- here is where the nitty gritty customization is held
- you can customize
- the speed of the projectile
- the rate of fire
- the rate at which enemies spawn
- and you can also set the place of the turret, that way you have the best spot to shoot from, or you can move the turret around just for the heck of it

Programmed by Kelvin Yang (sensation)
Graphics by Samuel Cox (Hishnak)

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Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 12th January, 2005

Looks good (although changing the mouse cursor to a double headed arrow on hover is what you might call original website design...)
Posted by Wormware 12th January, 2005

nice game.
Posted by Digital Dream software 13th January, 2005

nice graphics but whats with the friendly game over music? its should be dark and jk its cool.
Posted by 13th January, 2005

Just ONE weapon ?
Posted by 13th January, 2005

Also... Could you change the resolution of the game ? (too small for me and my computer.)
Posted by The Chris Street 13th January, 2005

Make a decent paragraph describing the game and I'll add it to the front page :)
Posted by Kris 13th January, 2005

Nice graphics but I couldn't stay awake long enough to appreciate them properly.
Posted by -Vinny- 13th January, 2005

ok - decent paragraph added :P
Posted by hishnak 13th January, 2005

Iglu86-theres two weapons...missle and gun. There would have been more but the game was made on short notice.
Posted by ChasetheCheese 14th January, 2005

what Kris said, it gets boring :D, everything else is covered nicely
Posted by Joshua M. 14th January, 2005

Not too impressed by this. Feels a bit too simple.
Posted by -Vinny- 14th January, 2005

ok then i guess you guys enjoy more purpose in games :P fine, you'll be more than satisfied with a second addition to the planned series (though it might take up to possibly 3 years XD, i just hope you can wait that long)
Posted by Wormware 15th January, 2005

sure we can!
Posted by Jub 15th January, 2005

Posted by Noyb 15th January, 2005

Gah! That midi reset pause is killer! Not bad, though.
Posted by -Vinny- 15th January, 2005

the midi pause? ok fine, if you guys hate that so much, i'll make it longer :P how's that? but for some reason, TGF shortens long midi, so if it sounds weird, it's your own fault :P give me like a day or 2, and i'll see what i can do
Posted by Noyb 15th January, 2005

I just meant that when the game pauses to replay the midi, it allows all the enemies to swarm the turret, making it unneccessarily difficult to continue intact.
Posted by Zi-Xiao 17th January, 2005

Are we allowed to submit these games before the compo results are out?
Posted by Zi-Xiao 17th January, 2005

!!DOUBLE POST!! :p Whatever, I'm gonna upload mine too then.
Posted by izac 17th January, 2005

I don't really like this game:( good graphics though!
Posted by -Vinny- 17th January, 2005

screw fixing the sound, i'm too busy for that right now, this is the final version, now you guys wait . . . wait a looonnnggg time, and i'll please you :P i'll give you material that will exceed The Spirit Engine, so please . . . be patient





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