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Teacher Boxing
Author: DukeMS Submitted: 13th December, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 61

Edited By DukeMS on 12/16/2004

This is a game I made the last few days. I had the idea to put pictures of my teachers on old Street Fighter fighters and let them punch each other ko ! I just felt that this idea was kinda funny and so I did it.

The game-principle is very simple: Every Player gets a (random) combination of direction-arrows and has to press the corresponding button. The player who completes his combination first is the winner and knocks out his opponent.

The controls are included in the archive.

Thanks for downloading and much appreciation to every reaction out there!

edit: oh yeah, if pictures don't work just right click on them and click "show picture" and if download doesn't work right-click and click save target as.


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Posted by The Chris Street 13th December, 2004

Yay, Freewebs... again. Please try and get a better host XD
Posted by DukeMS 13th December, 2004

I know, usually wanted cybton but they're unavailable at the mom :/
Posted by Silveraura 13th December, 2004

Try sitesled
Posted by AS Filipowski 14th December, 2004

The worst things in life are free
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 14th December, 2004

Sitesled sitesled sitesled.
Posted by Jeff Silvers 14th December, 2004

Or, but acceptance is on an application basis.
Posted by Mike from Tri-World Creations 15th December, 2004

its going 4kb/s on T3!!!!!!!
Posted by Sean Kelly 16th December, 2004

someone needs 2 make a game like this where you can import pictures of ur own teachers or whatever....if thats even possible.
Posted by Joshua M. 27th December, 2004

Hmm, people, I don't know for sure but I think this game isn't made with a Click Tool, but with Gamemaker. The loading screen in the beginning reveals it, actually. And thus this game may not be placed in the GOTW poll.
Posted by a.j. walker 10th May, 2005

to tell you the truth,i actually like game maker more than tgf because i can actually understand what i am doing.
Posted by a.j. walker 10th May, 2005

oh and the game looks good,defianetly downloading





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