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Diablo RPG 2 (ACT1)
Author: Rogue Submitted: 27th November, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Role Playing Game Downloads: 154

Edited By Rogue on 9/28/2005


Hello,I have finished ACT1 of DRPG2 and I want to know if people like it. This is why I release this version
of the game that contains :

- Save system (only in town)
- Sounds/Musics
- 3 classes (only Barbarian in this version)
- 7 spells for each classes
- More than 10 maps to explore
- Some secrets to find
- Fights with up to 5 monsters at the same time
- 3 Difficulties (Easy,Normal and Hard)
- Many Items/Quests/Monsters
- And much more!

Diablo RPG 2 is much more advanced than the first one, but I don't know if it's more fun. It's still an odd
game with bad GFX ( better than DiabloRPG1 though ). It's harder than the first one, take your time and enjoy the game.


- The beginning is very important! I suggest you to buy a Belt and potions ASAP.
- You should train at least up to lvl 6-7 before leaving the Controlled Area. (As a Barbarian)
- Monsters can respawn except at some places like in the Temple.
- Some monsters have magical abilities, but only a few for the moment.
- Defense is very important to take less damage from monsters.
- Increasing your Dexterity at the beginning can be a good idea.
- More monsters in a combat gives more exp(bonusXP). Levels of monsters are also a factor.
- RIGHT click on things in the map to see description. Like Allies, Ennemies, and so on.
- Save files are not protected, you can edit your Hero, but it kills the fun.


- Once again there is no real story, you are a peasant who wants to become stronger by killing monsters and completing quests.
You can feel a small story from quests, if you have enough imagination.


- If you find an item after a combat, you must go in your inventory before starting a new combat, or your new item(s) will be lost.
- Not a bug, but you can find an item for Sorceress or Assassin only, they are not coded, then sell/drop it.
- ...

I hope you will like the game at least a little, feel free to give comments .

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Posted by JPMarkey (Jambo) 27th November, 2004

Looks like you're using a ripped MMF. But the shop graphics don't look too bad are they libuary, did you do them if not, who did?
Posted by Jack Galilee 27th November, 2004

yea :P how can you tell unless going though the exe with Resource Hacker and copying the CD-Key and cross checking that with ClickTeam
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 28th November, 2004

The graphics aren't from Might And Magic, they're from Diablo 2.
Posted by JPMarkey (Jambo) 28th November, 2004

Because loads of people say something about they can't import graohics proparly. And the majority of them have have confessed that they used a ripped MMF. And if you look at the shop title it's not imported properly. But then agaian most of the other graphics look fine. So unless he used copy and paste or something he's probably using a legit version of MMF. I'll stop talking now.
Posted by Kris 28th November, 2004

I don't usually like fan games but this one's pretty good
Posted by Rogue 28th November, 2004

Hello all, I am using a legit version of MMF ( last build, last bonus pack) ;). The shop title was made by PS with a font of a game (can't remember). All ripped graphics come from Diablo series. Anyway for the game itself, is it fun ? Feel free to give suggestions.
Posted by ChasetheCheese 28th November, 2004

Or you could go and play Diablo 2
Posted by Rogue 28th November, 2004

I don't think we can compare this game with Diablo2. It seem no one like ripped gfx, I can understand, but it was fun to make. Thanks for your time.
Posted by Pixelthief 29th November, 2004

Theres too much of a contrast between the ripped and non-ripped gfx. Generally you can get away with ripped gfx if you both acknowledge them and have them blend in with the rest of the gfx.
Posted by vortex2 29th November, 2004

1) On the inventory you should use a grid system for placing the weapons, you should also be able to pickup and putdown with the same mouse button (use a flag), additionally you should be able to equip ethier the left or right side if you want. 2) Enter should advance dialog 3) The fighting screen being turn based is pretty weird, you should allow us to press f to fight and r to run,and 1,2,3 to select monsters if we want... 4) The graphics could use a ton of work... 5) The default strings and counters really detract from the visuals, I would make them look better or something. 6) The fight screen should fit in with the monster graphics more... it's too colorful and stuff with the purple and weird looking buttons.. 7) The monsters should atleast have a bit of animation when they stand their in their squares... 8) when I die, why can't I retreave my gold and xp? why do I lose 50% of both? in Diablo 2 (perhaps 1 as well) you could retreave atleast some of your gold when you died. 9) I should bring up the inventory screen... 10) when you drop a weapon on one already equipped they should swap out and you should then be able to put the unequiped weapon back in the inventory.. 11) how come the monsters never miss?!?! 12) even if the graphics weren't perfect the game would be alot better with orginal graphics even if they werent the best.
Posted by Rogue 29th November, 2004

Thanks for your suggestions, Vortex. My problem is GFX, next time, I will try to join a team as a coder, I like that. This game is a deception but I have learned a lot during the making.
Posted by Nothing, Ok? 30th November, 2004

It looks good. I'm going to try it whem i'm at home. I'm in shool now  
Posted by Fanotherpg 30th November, 2004

It's very good game but I have a problem how can i get to a box in wild forest 5 (near the area with skeletons) and I ended it...
Posted by Rogue 30th November, 2004

Thanks, to reach the coffer in wild forest 5 you must find a secret way, watch the trees carefully : P
Posted by Killerjedi 30th November, 2004

YES! GOD YES! I freaking loved the last version, I've been waiting forever for this! Woooooo hoooooo!
Posted by Nothing, Ok? 2nd December, 2004

I downloaded it, played it and LOOOVED it!!!
Posted by Nothing, Ok? 4th December, 2004

A little custom movement could be nice, and a hotkey for inventory (i) maybe
Posted by Rogue 5th December, 2004

This game is not enough popular to be completed. Thanks all for your comments. That will help me if I make other games. : )
Posted by seppph 11th December, 2004

Grrr shut the fuck up, and complete it!!!! ;D It's here not much time so how it can be popular? Work work work, its cooooool game! (but first was better ;D).
Posted by Rogue 13th December, 2004

lol, Anyway I am really busy, and it's really not enough popular ! only 30 downloads and few positives comments. I really need to work on a game without ripped GFX. And I agree with you about the first DiabloRPG :P
Posted by Fanotherpg 13th December, 2004

Yea you'll be al;so angry on me but first DiabloRPG was/is good ;) And don't matter in POland many clickers said that they will never see my game (I think about Imperia) and if they see it won't work but now they play in it :) So don't matter and work on it hard very hard ;)
Posted by izac 13th January, 2005

What the hell do you do!?
Posted by Jarrod 14th June, 2005

Well, i can admit even with it's flaws, i still like it. I'm a hardcore RPG fan.
Posted by Jarrod 14th June, 2005

Oh, I forgot to mention, if you're short on any ideas for a new RPG, ask me. I've got some pretty good and only SLIGHTLY ripped off ideas.





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