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Crap RPG
Author: Lazernaut Submitted: 5th November, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Role Playing Game Downloads: 143

In school I had to write a report on Visual Basic. The standard procedure was to make a calculator (without the use of variables >_< ). I decided that was much too dull, so I made this tiny game. Although it's short, it does have 1 inventory slot

- Enjoy (hopefully)

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Posted by ChrisB 6th November, 2004

omg wow its so crap :OO at least it has good graphics
Posted by Joshua M. 6th November, 2004

That certainly is crap XD no doubt about it
Posted by Kris 6th November, 2004

If it's so crap, why did you submit it??
Posted by Galaxy613 6th November, 2004

My question too.
Posted by Galaxy613 6th November, 2004

You just need more options and add people too talk to and krazy quests and you got yourself a good RPG/Point and Click/Text Adventure!
Posted by AndyUK 6th November, 2004

Actually it would be good if it had more to it and a little effort put into it! i used to love making text adventures on my Amstrad cpc, i dont know why i havent made a click one yet.
Posted by J.J 7th November, 2004

I think it was fun :P
Posted by DaVince 8th November, 2004

WAY too short!
Posted by MattB 8th November, 2004

surprisingly more fun than just about any game you can buy in a store. mainly because it doesn't make itself get annoying. if only every game were so cheap and blissfully short.
Posted by Echisketch 12th November, 2004

@Kuh because then gaming wouldnt exist if they were all like that. This really isnt worthy of a submit, it shouldnt be here. Hope you got good on your assignment or whatever, but you shouldve stuck with making a calculator :\.
Posted by Jeff Silvers 31st May, 2005

You should make a very elaborate and detailed walkthrough.
Posted by Nechros 4th June, 2005

the name says it all XD





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