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RE: Get To Schol On Time
Author: FAMICON Submitted: 2nd November, 2004 Favourites:1
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 270
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Edited By FAMICON on 11/2/2004

This was our entry for's "back to school" competition..we turned out to be the only entrants. The three of us worked really hard on it for the last two and a half weeks, so some comments or even a review would be really appreciated.

The game is comprised of five minigames tied together by a pretty stupid storyline, featuring an OST specially composed for the game and artwork by &

It runs fullscreen (at NES resolution for an old school feel) but any problems with that ALT-TAB should fix.

This is the second game we have produced, and the first we have submitted anywhere online for public scrutiny.

Please do note that the game is extremely tounge in cheek, and refrain from commenting on it if you don't understand what that means.

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Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 2nd November, 2004

I've played some insane games in my time, but this is definitely the one.
Posted by kreature 2nd November, 2004

Odd, but interesting and fresh. Think it stands out from other games, kinda.
Posted by Noyb 2nd November, 2004

OMG! You're insane! But in a good way. A very good way.
Posted by Dr. James MD 2nd November, 2004

like i said at KU, this is so refreshing as a statement but as a game? it sorta lacks in the gameplay department but the style is so old-skool. might have tried MODs instead of MP3's to shrink that filesize down a bit mind you.
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 2nd November, 2004

Wow, surreal. I think I like it, but I'm not totally sure. It's certainly original.
Posted by DaVince 3rd November, 2004

Hey, it's only their second game. Be nice.
Posted by DaVince 3rd November, 2004

Er... I take that back.
Posted by Mkingy 3rd November, 2004

It's odd... i'm not too sure weather that's in a good way or not...
Posted by Coop 4th November, 2004

i was gonna enter that competition..i woulda came in second..darn
Posted by 醤油の兵士 6th November, 2004

you forgot a green leaf on that parachuting guy! :P
Posted by X_Sheep 7th November, 2004

Too many flashy screens to enjoy.
Posted by Nuklear41 7th November, 2004

Looks cool, but if you keep up like this you'll end up like me. A joke about their games.
Posted by elektro_D.I. 9th November, 2004

you are a fool! Insane! crazy! you are the best!
Posted by Oswalde 9th November, 2004

This is the most hilariously random game I have ever played in my current incarnation. I actually wouldn't call it a game, however, but more of a revoutionary form of entertainment... I demand more!!
Posted by The Chris Street 11th November, 2004

The reason you enjoy it so much Smeby is because you and it gel neatly together ;) A screwed up game for a screwed up mind XD
Posted by FAMICON 13th November, 2004

Thanks to everyone who voted for us for GOTW, really makes up for the competition being called off :)
Posted by istvan 13th November, 2004

This is the first new klick games Ive downloaded in a long time, and I must say that I'm impressed. Great work! The graphics are beautifully original, and although my eyes hurt, I will recommend this to all my fellow twisted friends. Well dont Famicon!
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 14th November, 2004

This is certainly a try at something different, but I can't say I liked it very much. That platform stage with a bear thing following you is INSANELY HARD. I deleted the game instantly after my 45th unfair death on that stage. I like some of the graphics, but the colour choice is odd. This obviously isn't meant to be a 'serious' game, but it's not really very playable. Still, nice try mate.
Posted by Joshua M. 14th November, 2004

Aaarg my eyes! MY EYES!@@%
Posted by FAMICON 14th November, 2004

To anyone having trouble with the second level, it can be skipped if you quickly press "3" on the famicon screen right at the start of the game
Posted by DukeMS 14th November, 2004

You guys definately must be crazy!I LOVE YOUR STYLE!!!
Posted by AndyUK 14th November, 2004

This somehow manages to be the worst and best game ever at the same time!!! the music at the start of the level screen suits the game perfectly. and i finished it!!!!!!! i can see why this won gotw but the other games makers must be wondering why the heck they lost to this.
Posted by SlowMotionRiot 16th November, 2004

This is the kind of game that, when you see it, you think, "Yeah, I bet this would be awesome to play while I'm drunk." Then, you get drunk and you play it, and you think to yourself, "What the hell was I thinking?!?! This game gives me a headache...And those prostitutes look WAAAAY ugly." So skip the headache. Play this game while you're sober. And have a good time with it; it's pretty clear the developers did when they made it.
Posted by Mataidesu 24th November, 2004

umm... yeah, you die way to easily, and run out of pepsi too fast on the second level. I'm confused!
Posted by Mataidesu 24th November, 2004

Also... The flashy screens are very annoying and give me a headache. I clicked on the Chaos Defrost, and was not feeling so well... you see, those are the kinds of screens that can cause seizures... just so you all know. This coming from an epileptic... -Matai-
Posted by FAMICON 25th November, 2004

Mataidesu - The game comes with a disclamier warning about the flashy screens
Posted by PATRICK AGAIN 2nd December, 2004

oK i JUSTwhoops caps were on. Ok I just finished it and bow wow that was a good game. yi really do like it and my favorite part is the chaos defrost oh jeez that took me for a trip D; i loved the graphfcs and music and sounds, and the game play, too! oh also i heard Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) was a faggot, idk i jsut heard it <3 great game you guys
Posted by Harvest Sun O_O 2nd October, 2005

I don't seem to be able to download it... BUT I MUST PLAY IT!! :(
Posted by GHX YK2 30th January, 2006
Posted by Phizzy 12th June, 2015
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Just found a link to this. I love this game and still play it occasionally.





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