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Exotic Armada
Author: DerbiaN Submitted: 4th October, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 141

Edited By DerbiaN on 10/5/2004

A "spacecraft melee"-type game where players first choose a fleet of ships and then put them to use in a real-time combat arena. The graphics aren't spectacular but it can still be a fun game to play, especially with a friend. Some of the game's features:

-Over 30 ships with unique graphics, weaponry and statistics
-up to 4 players (bot or human) can play simultaneously, in 2 teams
-Ability to save recordings and watch them later or show them to others, each file only taking about 30 kb
-A ship-shop, where the players can buy custom fleets and get detailed statistics of all the ships

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Posted by Coop 4th October, 2004

screen shots arent working!!!
Posted by Teapot 4th October, 2004

Damn, I thought it said "erotic armada"
Posted by DJ W 4th October, 2004

lol same here
Posted by Galaxy613 4th October, 2004

you can NOT link to a .htm file for screen shots, use or something, not !
Posted by DerbiaN 5th October, 2004

ok sorry, didn't know that. Now they should work..
Posted by Santa May Cry 5th October, 2004

ya i was rootin for erotic armarda
Posted by Jamesbuc 5th October, 2004

same here. :)
Posted by Vanloon 6th October, 2004

Nice game, it is definately best with 2+ human players - I find the comp. a bit hard :(
Posted by Airflow 6th October, 2004

Hey, looks like Star Control off the MegaDrive. :)
Posted by DerbiaN 7th October, 2004

Yeah, the cpu players can be a bit hard, I was planning to include difficulty levels but unfortunately they didn't make it to this version
Posted by Sean Kelly 7th October, 2004

Man,you need to make a erotic armada. ( :<
Posted by Bartek 8th October, 2004

good game but i cant buy one ship (secret weapon)
Posted by Iv4n 11th October, 2004

Erotic armada will be the sequel?!?
Posted by Odin 11th October, 2004

Looks good. IMO, anything with singleships/starships in it kicks major ass. This is no expection.
Posted by Jamesbuc 15th October, 2004

:) yes we want erotic armarda!!!!
Posted by UNstopable Flying Asshole 31st October, 2004

I DEMAND EROTIC ARMADA!!! (only im worthy of it!)




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