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Space Storm (Beta)
Author: Vanloon Submitted: 2nd October, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Real Time Strategy Downloads: 73

Edited By Wong Chung Bang on 10/3/2004

Hey, this is the first game I am submitting to "The Daily Click" (However I have been clicking for a few years now) and I'm afraid, as I am currently using a trial version of Multimedia Fusion, the game is in .cca format and will only be able to run from multimedia fusion. So in advance, I thank anybody who either has MMF installed or has broadband for using it to play my beta game.

Anyway, to the game...

The game is inspired by a little gem of a game called netstorm (Hence the name Space Storm), two large space ships are hurtling through space in spectacular broadsiding combat, it involves two Battle drones floating in space who can build various buildings on the sides of the ships by firing beams into the sides of their corresponding friendly ships. These stimulate the construction of buildings which are the units of the game. The most basic of which is a small rocket launcher which simply fires rockets into the opposing ship in a straight line. The game get interesting as the opposing player can build a laser turret to shoot down the enemy's rockets. In this way the game can go backwards and forwards getting very hectic.

There is no AI as of yet so it is only for those of you will freinds/siblings to play with, but with the proper opponent it can get very strategic (as most player vs player games are).

The game is as I stated above a beta and has no menu or actually tells you if anybody has won. So bear with it please and decide for yourselves who wins, i.e if one person has run out of money AND money collecting units, then they have lost.

Last thing to note is please read the readme!! Otherwise you will not know the slightly complicated controls.

PS ignore wierd blue and red things to either side of the screen, they may be implemented in a later version of the game.

PSS Money and income are shown at the top of the screen.

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Posted by Liquixcat 3rd October, 2004

although confusing controls and i'm playing myself... this is a very promising game. Keep it up and I'll be glad to compile it for you when you're done.
Posted by Vanloon 3rd October, 2004

Thanks for the offer Liquixcat, I'll contact you when/if I get it finished.
Posted by Vanloon 3rd October, 2004

If anybody who has downloaded it has any comments/suggestions I will be very willing to hear them, thanks in advance.
Posted by Liquixcat 4th October, 2004

remember what keeps a game about upgrades fun.... lots and lots of upgrades
Posted by Coop 4th October, 2004

when i tried to download it it said, Internet Explorer cannot download the requested file from =/ try and find another host
Posted by Coop 4th October, 2004

nevermind, i tried to download another game and i got the same message. It's not you it's me :(
Posted by Vanloon 6th October, 2004

ok Coop, I hope you can get your download working again ;). ...and Liquixcat, yeah Amen to that - working on it. I am currently working on a shield generator, also I am going to make different "levels" to play on i.e different shape sides of the ship. This *should* change the tactics needed to win on each levels. For example there may be someplaces where you can put your solar collectors where they are better defended. Last thing - if anybody has any cool ideas for more units, let me know.




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