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Paint Ball Death Match Final
Author: DJ W Submitted: 27th August, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 44

Well I finished my deathmatch Paintball game. I sort of gave up and am just realeasing this, it could be considered a final version but the graphics are pretty lame and some of the levels run slow for me on my computer and there might be a few bugs but knowing the popularity of my beta I don tthink there will be many downloads so I was just releasing this for those..six people ha. You can find the controls on my webpage there really easy.

In this version you can shoot over the barricades and be protected if your behind them, ever since playing Infantry I've wanted to do that and now I did. I hope you guys enjoy it, its a pretty fun time waster for two people. And be sure to download the first map pack on my website, so leave some comments and if you make some maps send them to me at

Theres a level editor.

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Posted by Bob Pakoe 19th June, 2005

It looks like crap, it smells like crap, i downloaded crap, its crap... crappy crappy crappy





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