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Author: KeyrenZero Submitted: 13th August, 2004 Favourites:0
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Yeah, it's another quick one cause I can't finish any of my major ones.

Anyways, about the game;
I guess it is a lot like clone x, in that it doesnt ever HAVE to end. You are a space ship this time, and when you start, there is a gem in the middle of the screen. pick it up, and another one appears! But so does some evil robot that likes to go around in circles around it!!! Get the new gem AND ANOTHER GEM APPEARS!!! AND ANOTHER EVIL CIRCLING ROBOT!!! Avoid the robots, get the gems! sounds addicting to me.

You can shoot the "Rounders" (I know, there are probably 200 thousand better names than that) but you have limited ammo.

I put in a bit more work on this one. I made the graphics this time around, so they aren't mega crappy like clone x. There are also a ton of options, where you can make the game harder or easier depending on what you choose. The options include;
- Different speed settings for Rounders
- Turn of shooting or boosting, or both!
- Always Boosted!
- Rounders Shoot!
- And more!

Keep an eye on the "radar" when you get the gems, its the key to what rounder comes out!

You can also play it all vitalized on my site ( ), its the same thing, just vitalized >_<.

Hope you all enjoy the game!

Review This Download Programs/In Progress/Circles/Circles.exe (479kb )

Posted by Evil Monkey 13th August, 2004

Posted by Evil Monkey 13th August, 2004

Images work now.
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 14th August, 2004

no they don't
Posted by Galaxy613 14th August, 2004

they work for me..
Posted by J.A.P 15th August, 2004

quite challenging!
Posted by Strife 16th August, 2004

Yeah. :) It's tough, but I like it like that. The only thing this game needs is a high score table. But that's just minor. :)
Posted by KeyrenZero 16th August, 2004

I would do an online thingy, but I dont know how to do anything online =P
Posted by asdas 4th September, 2004

this game owned :D




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