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Spooky Pop
Author: DoomCreator Submitted: 9th August, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 136

Edited By DoomCreator on 8/10/2004

Note: This game is Shareware and cannot be added for contendership to GOTW

Battle Zombies, Monsters, and Ghosts in this spooky bubble filled adventure. Pop your way through tons of levels racking up points and showing off your spooky skills in this spooktacular game. A must have for game fans of all ages!

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Posted by Lelle 10th August, 2004

Looks funny, but i love games with undead stuff. Downloading->
Posted by TheChillyChinchilla 10th August, 2004

Looks good, the style is nice and cartoony, with a touch of realism.But judging by the screenshots those little coin like things seem out of style with the rest of the graphics.
Posted by Muffin Batel [neonair games] 10th August, 2004

it seems that everyone is abandoning or sending out demos of their games lately... it looks pretty cool- downloading now
Posted by DoomCreator 10th August, 2004

Uh, Why does it say I have abandoned it? I Have done no such thing! And thanks for the comments ;) and thanks for downloading I hope you like it!
Posted by DoomCreator 10th August, 2004

Heh, nevermind, fixed that whole abandoned thing (im new here if you cant tell)
Posted by Leric 10th August, 2004

Hmmm...from the screenshots it kinda reminds me of Nightmare in the Dark.
Posted by DoomCreator 11th August, 2004

Wow, someone actually played Nightmare in the Dark besides me ;) yes it was a big insperation.
Posted by Teapot 11th August, 2004

Good, but too slow. Nightmare in the Dark was cool.
Posted by Zephyr 14th August, 2004

A shareware klik game is just stupid...
Posted by steve 14th August, 2004

Lovely graphics, nice game and at a good price too! My only critisism is that the movement is slightly slow... Also I think holding jump+collision with top of bubble should = JUMP (like in bubble bobble) I hope you do well from it :) Good work Zephyr - I have seen hundreds of games not made in clik being sold as shareware which are vastly inferior to this product. If someone puts the effort in to make a decent product, why shouldnt they sell regardless of the tool used?
Posted by steve 15th August, 2004

you give it a thumbs down because YOU couldnt get it to work? Why do people do that? lol
Posted by Leric 15th August, 2004 my opinion this game's rating should be MUCH higher than it is.
Posted by 醤油の兵士 18th August, 2004

I like this game very much, the entire game is professionally done except that coind graphic. This is a must download game
Posted by AndyUK 24th August, 2004

well it certainly looks good!




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