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Infectron DEMO
Author: Astral_86 Submitted: 9th August, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 165

Edited By Astral_86 on 8/9/2004

This game is a 1-2 player platformer game which are kinda like a mix of Kirby, Super Mario and Matrix.

STORY-- (copied directly from the game)
The year was 3209. The phrase "peace"
had disappeared totally over the whole
universe. Earth contained nothing but

Those who caused this and also other
destructions of planets and space
colonies was so called "Ordons", and
those had most taken control of the
universe constantly.

Only a few planets strived after peace.
Some of those planets also made
experimental attempts to create
forces that could defeat the evil and
recreate universal peace.

The planet "Reon" had just recently
created thru experimental researches,
a pair of androids that seemed nearly
invincible. Those were named as
"Infectron". The destiny of Infectron
were to be being sent
by Reon to destroy the Ordon core
and recreate universal peace...

This demo ends sadly enough at stage 2. Currently, there is a bug that if you start from the stage 1 checkpoint (I've temporarily removed the checkpoint, sry) you cannot get hurt. I'm working on that bug.

More about the game; I have plans that later in the game, you will have swords, and eventually guns too. Sorry that there is no swords now, that the screenies shows.

But um... please enjoy this demo. Hope ya' all like!

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Posted by Cazra 9th August, 2004

nice! pixelly! :D
Posted by Astral_86 10th August, 2004

Thx... But still no more comments or thumbs up/down?? This site is dying...
Posted by J.o.m.p.p.a. 10th August, 2004

That was good demo! I will be waiting for the full version.
Posted by awesomeanimator 10th August, 2004

make the guns and swords come earlier :D this is great.
Posted by Noyb 10th August, 2004

Fun and bugless engine! Mmmm... platformy goodness. :D
Posted by Astral_86 10th August, 2004

Thank you all. :) And to awesomeanimator, guns and swords will come pretty early, as soon as I can continue with this game.
Posted by Eric P 10th August, 2004

I can't download. I'm getting a "file not found" error. I really want to try this!
Posted by Astral_86 11th August, 2004

That's odd. :( I have no clue why. :( You have msn?
Posted by Kris 13th August, 2004

Right click -> Save as
Posted by Astral_86 13th August, 2004

Thanks Kris. That must be why. Oh and thanks Rikus for frontpage. :)
Posted by Alltower 13th August, 2004

Very nice little platformer. I'll be looking forward to the full game
Posted by Kris 13th August, 2004

great stuff, i love the planet map, but movement is a bit of a pain sometimes (a bit jerky)
Posted by Teapot 13th August, 2004

Wow, this is awesome. You are a great level designer. Finish this now.
Posted by Silveraura 14th August, 2004

This is really nice, I personally liked it, hope the full version comes out soon.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 14th August, 2004

Great game! I love the graphics, but as mentioned above, the movmemnt is a bit jerky. This is a very strange blend of gaming styles, and I can't wait to see what it looks like when your finished. :)
Posted by steve 14th August, 2004

good while it lasted :)
Posted by Astral_86 15th August, 2004

Thank you all so much! But can you explain "jerky" ? :)
Posted by Kaeoss 17th August, 2004

is there a level 2?
Posted by Astral_86 22nd August, 2004

No, sorry.
Posted by Zephyr 22nd August, 2004

"File not found" Please fix this.
Posted by Astral_86 24th August, 2004

Right click > Save as!
Posted by ChasetheCheese 25th August, 2004

"The planet "Reon" had just recently created thru experimental researches, a pair of androids that seemed nearly " "thru" you say? :) Haha, the epical story is written in internet slang. OMG!!1WTF! teh owngae rul3z_yeaar 3209!11!!1!!!2
Posted by Astral_86 25th August, 2004

I thought the word "thru", was a short of "through"... Sorry. :P





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