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emiT - Acoders Competition Demo
Author: Patriarch Submitted: 8th August, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 60

Edited By Patriarch on 8/10/2004

Well, after 2.5 disappearing spriters, a 5 week trip and one on the last week of the acoders competition, this thing is actually done. For the demo.

-It's a shooter.
-Magical Time nodes with such abilities as: Fast Forward, Rewind, Pause.
-Did we mention it's online?
-One level (it rocks... I swear...)
-It uses MooClick... To get online...

Look, just give it a try, eh? It's somewhat buggy, and if the chat lobby screws up, restart the app.

Oish, and hope to see you on there!
Patriarch (Intrikit Software)

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Posted by Patriarch 10th August, 2004

Everyone sure has been interested in this XP
Posted by shockedfrog 10th August, 2004

Well, the link didnt work (although I managed to download the game using the address used in the screenshots, as opposed to the address) and the game couldn't connect after several attempts, making it unplayable. If you fix these two little things, people might be more interested :)
Posted by Louis Moon 10th August, 2004

Jesus, I was almost expecting tumbleweed to go by. Absolutely noone was playing.
Posted by Patriarch 10th August, 2004

Frog, you're the only person who's had both of those problems. Louis, You'll need to grab a buddy or two for this; people wont hang out in the lobby.
Posted by AndyUK 10th August, 2004

online games need popularity to work properly. i havnet heard of it before
Posted by Noyb 10th August, 2004

What's wrong with good, old-fashioned Winzip?
Posted by Patriarch 10th August, 2004

There, fixed the rar thing. I posted it on The Daily Click for popularity x_X. We didn't really have any postable screenshots til the last day of the competition (Due to the fact that we didn't have any level tiles OR a level at that point). Any comments on the game itself? XP
Posted by FiMi 10th August, 2004

I love it ^^; ... Oh yeah. >>;
Posted by shockedfrog 10th August, 2004

It's working now - perhaps the server was down.
Posted by Noyb 10th August, 2004

Actual in-lobby chat after waiting hours for someone to arrive: Fifth: 'hoy. Noyb: Try a game? Fifth: I guess... Noyb: How? Fifth: I dunno. Fifth has left.
Posted by Patriarch 10th August, 2004

XD, it's pretty self explanatory. Join a channel, and have everyone else ready up. Then, hit start game.
Posted by Noyb 10th August, 2004

Okay. Sometimes "dead" players seem to paste themselves into the frame. The time-altering and game-winning announcements don't always display in the middle of the screen. The pseudo 2D FPS gameplay is good, though.
Posted by Patriarch 10th August, 2004

The dead players I had trouble with, and time-altering and game-winning announcements had been problems. I set it to follow the frame and all that hoopla. The Dead players I have no clue why x_x. Also, if you have an at all laggy connection, it will brutally stab this game. Brutally.
Posted by Patriarch 10th August, 2004

That was constructive, phizzy.
Posted by Smeggy 11th August, 2004

No offence but I highly doubt it will win the Acoders compo. :P
Posted by Patriarch 12th August, 2004

We never thought it would. We were stressed for time, so we decided to submit what we had. If given more time, this would have been much larger.





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