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Super Mario War
Author: David Wärnberg Submitted: 6th August, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Engine Downloads: 260

Hello, im totaly new with TGF, only worked with the program for two days. So here is my first game or engine.
Whats new in this game is that you will get some cool weapons, like rocketlauncher and so on...
Created in two days... Plz give me some comments on this one:

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 (556kb )

Posted by BattleCat 6th August, 2004

I'm at school so i can't try the game itself, but judging from the screens you have either dealt with game designing before, or you're simply good...cuz even if the engine may suck, it still looks like a pretty decent game..
Posted by Cazra 6th August, 2004

Those library graphics ruin the game. Other than lib graphics, the graphics are consistent though.
Posted by Imadjinn 6th August, 2004

Considering it took two days and new to TGF, this is amazing. I look forward to further development of this game. However, one major gripe... Why can't Mario shoot his guns? I pressed Ctrl and nothing happened!
Posted by 6th August, 2004

judging from other comments and the screens without even looking at them up-close, this seems like a pretty good game already, i shall "dl" it
Posted by 6th August, 2004

i liked it but u really cant shoot, fix that ok?
Posted by BattleCat 6th August, 2004

for a n00b game this is actually quite cool! (and guys, you can shoot a couple of times when you get the fireball)
Posted by David Wärnberg 6th August, 2004

THANKS TO YOU ALL! Well, the shooting thing can be hard to understand. You have to press both arrow up and left or right to switch weapon...
Posted by David Wärnberg 6th August, 2004

EvisceratoR: You can shoot with all weapons, but you have to pick'em up first...
Posted by awesomeanimator 6th August, 2004

question: how is this an engine test if its the default platform movement? 0_0
Posted by Noyb 6th August, 2004

It's...okay, I guess. Just because Mario has guns doesn't mean he shouldn't be able to kill enemies by jumping on them. Also, pick longer MIDIs to minimize in-level pauses, and make a dedicated button for changing weapons.
Posted by David Wärnberg 6th August, 2004

howdie again. Well " awesomeanimator", im on my third day with this one, so give me a break ;-) Well, the weaponsystem is kind of a engine test...
Posted by J.A.P 7th August, 2004

Posted by Airflow 7th August, 2004

Hey, that doesn't look too bad. Especially for a mario fan game. :) I look foward to the full thing.
Posted by Zimtower 7th August, 2004

hmmm., great game for a newbie, especially for a fangame, everyone hates em. except me
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 7th August, 2004

Pretty good. I don't like Fan games, but I'll make an exception (spelled wrong? I dunno). Anyway, nice job.
Posted by David Wärnberg 7th August, 2004

Thanx alot to all of ya. Well im still working on another release...
Posted by The Chris Street 7th August, 2004

You need to take lessons in level design!
Posted by David Wärnberg 7th August, 2004

[|--CIRCY--|]: Well i can tell you this, the level in my game is NOT a normal playable level. I created it to test the different objects in the game... But thanks anyway...
Posted by Dr. James MD 8th August, 2004

Im sure ive heard of Super Mario War before coded in C++. i even saw an XBE version for xbox. or maybe i dreamt it all up
Posted by samitha 17th August, 2004

thnx execting the next release
Posted by DaVince 5th September, 2004

It's great for a beginner! Just remember that you won't hear sounds that are played under the condition "end of level". I noticed.




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