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Author: Mattis Submitted: 29th July, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 80

We at Gamalog media have released our first completed game called Rot-Mos.
Check the link out to read some info and download the demo

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Posted by The Chris Street 30th July, 2004

Reminder to admins: Don't add this to front page, as its shareware, and the only version freely available is a demo
Posted by Simon Colmer 30th July, 2004

wow this has been in construction for ages, good thing its done (i had forgotten it) downloading...
Posted by Gamer 30th July, 2004

Bring back Chess Online.
Posted by Kirby Smith 31st July, 2004

Oh my god... Boo-frickin'-hoo. Big nasty shareware! Who cares as long as it's a fun game?
Posted by Mattis 31st July, 2004

It's up to you whether you want to download it or not :) Reply to Matthew I have started working on Chess-on-Line 2 but there are a few other things that have higher priority right now =/
Posted by steve 31st July, 2004

presentation and everything about this game is great until I got to the actual gameplay. I found it quite baffling... there doesnt seem to be any challenge... you just choose which ball to shoot up from a list and match it with the same colour at the top? Maybe I missed something but if THAT is the entire game idea then its way too simplistic and no skill envolved.
Posted by Mattis 31st July, 2004

You can rotate the list of balls, hold shift and press left or right. The thing that involves skill is to create handicaps for the opponent. If you create large explosion combos , stones will appear at the opponents play area. The AI is pretty easy to win against on the first opponents. Later in the game it gets harder and harder. Try changing the difficulty to hard and switch on Instant shot in the options. With these settings I have never been able to beat the last opponent in the full version :D
Posted by ChrisB 1st August, 2004

Ah, for some reason I thought Rot-Mos was going to be an RTS - don't know why, probably because Olle was working on a RTS at the same time :P





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