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Cc's Birthday Bash
Author: CYS Submitted: 11th July, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 166

Edited By CYS on 7/11/2004

Cysteine Creations turns 1! To celebrate this special occasion, Cc's Birthday Bash is released for all to play!

Throw your cakes against each other by pressing just 1 button when "!" appears! You can choose between 6 different unique Cc's members to play with!

Features :
- 6 Cc's members to play with

Note :
The real game were supposed to be done on 15 may. But due to some problem with chace, the online feature is never made. I was thinking of adding this game here only after the online feature is done. Now that i found out that chace is not making it anymore, it's here.

The game is heavily inspired by kirby superstar's samurai minigame.

Made by Cysteine Creations :

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Posted by Joe.H 11th July, 2004

nice! damn DaveC though, he beat me by just 1 trophy.
Posted by X_Sheep 11th July, 2004

Lol, I thought you'd never submit this one ;)
Posted by sdd 11th July, 2004

is that fun
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 11th July, 2004

Looks good...Downloading/Reviews...
Posted by Teapot 12th July, 2004

Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 12th July, 2004

Oh, Snerlin beat me to the first review! XD Oh well, reviewing anyway!
Posted by Cazra 12th July, 2004

hehehe :D
Posted by Joe.H 12th July, 2004

why not hire some slave monkeys to make the online part?
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 12th July, 2004

Reviewed! P.S: It's great, but it would be even better as an online game! :P And Kirby's Superstar had this sort of game after Kirby's Adventure. They had a Wild West sort of draw-game just like this. So CC's Birthday Bash is based on a game from the Kirby's Superstar Samurai game which is based on a Wild West game from Kirby's Adventure! :) Good job again! :D
Posted by Rhys D 13th July, 2004

"But due to some problem with chace, the online feature is never made." Probably the fact that he can't actually use MMF and he made promises he knew he never could have completed.
Posted by CYS 13th July, 2004

WOW, i'm surprised at all those awesome responses and reviews! THANK YOU GUYS! I'm touched!
Posted by Jamesbuc 13th July, 2004

Brill this is brill!
Posted by Chace 15th July, 2004

You're right Rhys, I thought just knowing how to make a chat app in mooclick might be enough to ensure that I could code a game in mooclick but I was wrong, I could not keep the promise and I failed to follow up on my gesture. And I learnt from it, so until I am actually acquainted with mooclick enough to actually code a simple game, I'll try not to make the same mistake twice. Thanks for the concern :) Anyway, thanks for the reviews, and yeah, Dave's skillz are not to be messed with XD
Posted by Jamesbuc 20th July, 2004

Brill is slang for brilliant you idiot.





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