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Author: Diefox Submitted: 10th July, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 228

this is my first game posted here, its not complete, im just putting it here for debugging.

and i need help with somethings:
-id like you to check if the slopes are working properly.
-tell me how was the speed of the game in your machine.
-tell me if any other bug appears.

the controls are in the readme file inside the zip, and you also need to put the font files in your font folder.

the server doesnt support direct linking, so you should copy and paste into a new browser window

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Posted by Rikus 11th July, 2004

Nice game, very cool graphics, and gameplay but, the controls should be more normal instead of keypad buttons, also i would ask in the forums for people to beta test the game and not just release a first part of the game to the public, but very nice efford.
Posted by Digital Dream software 11th July, 2004

how do i actually select start??? i tried all the keyboard buttons!? looks good from the title screen so far!!!
Posted by Rikus 11th July, 2004

i think its insert or del on the keypad
Posted by Leric 11th July, 2004

Use keypad 0 to start (You can go to the options & change the controls, keypad works best for me) As for the game itself it was ok but the voice Arena (I think that's the girl you play's name but I'm not sure as it's not in english) makes when she jumps is annoying. Also the enemies seem to take too long to defeat for my taste. Besides from that it seems to be the start to what could become a great game. The anime styled of it made it seem kinda cool to me & & the graphics were great. If it wasn't for those problems I would probably like it alot.
Posted by Hill Gigas 11th July, 2004

Very nice concept for the game. It may have been too soon to release this however, there are many fatal bugs in it. When I reached the cave at the end of the level, I guess I didnt "enter" it properly, I ran through it, fell off the side of the frame and died. When I restarted the level, the screen would not scroll with me anymore, but I could still run offscreen (where I mysteriously died again). But the voice effects are nice, and the original graphics are a HUGE plus. Keep working on it!
Posted by Diefox 12th July, 2004

SORRY!!! like i said it was my first post here, so i did not know it has to be on forums, but next time you will see at least a full demo.
Posted by alibaba 12th July, 2004

i dont have a keypad on my laptop - just numbers at the top - does that mean its not worth a download/?
Posted by Airflow 12th July, 2004

No, download away. You just won't be able to play it. X)
Posted by Shadow99 12th July, 2004

Henrique, don't be sorry, this game has a lot of cool potential. I'll be looking forward to a full demo! But you may want to make button 1 and 2 something more common like shift and ctrl, instead of Ins and Del on the numpad. I spent several minutes just trying to locate a button that would start the game. That never gets things off to a good start. ;) Almost all players like to use the arrow keys with their right hand, not left. I personally set my buttons 1 and 2 to "Z" and "X". Thats when I stumbled upon your fancy little cheat key! :D
Posted by Leric 12th July, 2004

I think you should use Shadow99's Z & X key as 1 & 2 key idea & make it so you can set the keys to what you have them now also in the options cause some people like me (basically people who suck at using a keyboard to play games heck the last game I made which was a Game Maker game named Densetsu had the controls keypad 9 & + just cause of this) find those kinda controls great to use...but one thing you must do if just for me (I'm sure others like this too) please keep in joypad support I liked your controls but I always prefer to use a joypad The majority of Click games have there default buttons either "shift" & "ctrl" or "Z" & "X" so it would be wise to have the default controls in Everlastia set to one of these.
Posted by Leric 12th July, 2004

I retract one of my statements earlier I said the voice Arena makes when she jumps is annoy really it isn't, it's just that the waves are loud so I needed to turn down my loud wave volume & now I like that voice. Oh & to answer your questions (sorry didn't see them at first) first off slopes, sometimes when you walk down them you end up jumping & for some reason when you walk up them sometimes the screen jumps alittle (right when you start walking up the slope this happens). As for speed it ran smooth & I have a 2001 XP Herward Packer (or however you spell there name) computer that hasn't be upgraded in no way what-so-ever. The only other bug I found was that one time I killed 2 mushroom things that were right beside each other & when one died the other was stuck in it's flashing hit animation.
Posted by Diefox 12th July, 2004

btw, can i post demos here? or just full games?
Posted by Eric P 13th July, 2004

Every time I try to download this, I get a "forbidden" error.
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 13th July, 2004

Demos are posted here all the time, so knock yourself out. :)
Posted by Jub 19th July, 2004

Link broken
Posted by cielx 13th August, 2004

this game rules but whats with the cave at the end eh?





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