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Harmonius I: Original Sin
Author: Animephobic Submitted: 6th July, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 72

Edited By Animephobic on 7/6/2004
Go here for pictures. Sorry.

The first in the Harmonius Trilogy involving angels and devils in a Kid Icarus+Metroid like setting. Contains various RPG elements and is one of few shooters where melee is primary and projectiles are secondary.

Controls are:

Arrow keys move the yellow cursor to aim Angeline's sword or arrows.

Shift moves Angeline towards the cursor.

Ctrl. makes Angeline shoot her arrows.

+To attack with her sword simply move the cursor near the enemy you wish to attack and the sword will follow it.

+Perform a Circular attack by moving the yellow cursor around Angeline in a circular motion.

+Arrows don't fly straight like knives. They will descend quickly.

+Keep the cursor close to Angeline when attacking bosses so you can attack quickly and retreat fast when needed.

Expect the Harmonius I: Original Sin REMIX this weekend with many improvements. Thanks for downloading. Enjoy.

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 Original (3mb )

Posted by Astral_86 6th July, 2004

Downloading... :P
Posted by Yuhkaz 6th July, 2004

Downloading... :P
Posted by Yuhkaz 6th July, 2004

The movement plus sword and stuff is a little confusing. Overall, not bad! I like the idea, it's cool.
Posted by Thunderstorm 6th July, 2004

Weird game :P. But how i manage to pass this first level...
Posted by Animephobic 6th July, 2004

Yuhkaz: Thanks. I appreciate it. It's awkward at first but I thought opened up some cool possibilities. The second one uses an easier method though which I think you will like better overall. Thunderstorm: Due to some bugs, some levels dissapeared, like the level before the first boss. O_O! To defeat Babylon, you have to attack her eyes. But make sure you attack the Green emerald in her belly until it is destroyed. After that, wait for the green circle above her head to dissapear. Now quickly attack her eyes with the sword or arrows. When you see the green shield appearing get away. If you attack her eyes while her green emerald is still intact, she will swipe her claws to block her face. After both eyes turn red, they will start to bleed crimson tears that can damage you. Also, her arms will swing in circles quickly preventing you from attackig her close range. So move toward the center of the screen and move to either the left or right wall. Once there keep inching forward and shooting arrows at the purple emerald. Pay attention to her life bar. When it gets to zero, QUICKLY hug the wall closest to you and move down to the floor to avoid her detached arms from hitting you. She's a little too hard for a first boss I think. Gomen nasai. Since I am at a standstill on my Harmonius II: Sinner's Dream game, I've decided to do a Harmonius I: Original Sin Remix. It'll have better graphics, a few more levels, and an improved control scheme, plus an attack/defense see saw bar like in Alpha 3, that lets you adjust your attacks. I'll also add some more powerups. Look for it by this weekend. Thankx again everyone.
Posted by m. collar 6th July, 2004

Its working !
Posted by Cazra 6th July, 2004

More people would download your game if you included screenshots. Downloading...
Posted by Cazra 6th July, 2004 would also be nice if you didn't use installers. The installers screw up a lot. Just zip the game instead. Yes, the installer screwed up on me! XD
Posted by Noyb 6th July, 2004

Neat controls/concept! I like your art, too. :) 360 degree arrows (instead of the default 32) could help immensely, though. There are also some collision bugs where you go outside the playfield and are unable to return. Also, for movement, there's an easy way to get rid of the shaking when the character is on the cursor (assuming bouncing ball movement, but you can adapt it): X("Character") <= X("Cursor") + 3 & X ("Character")>= X("Cursor") - 3 & Y("Character") <= Y("Cursor") + 3 & Y("Character") >= Y("Cursor") - 3 --> Set Character's flag 0 on & stop Character X("Character") > X("Cursor") + 3 --> Set flag off. X("Character") < X("Cursor") - 3 --> Set flag off. Y("Character") > Y("Cursor") + 3 --> Set flag off. Y("Character") < Y("Cursor") - 3 --> Set flag off. Repeat while Fire1 is held & flag is off --> Start character, look at 0,0 of cursor. Repeat while Fire1 is not held -->Stop character
Posted by Noyb 6th July, 2004

Oh, and your screen links should be: from 01 to 04.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 6th July, 2004

Looks nice...Downloading...
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 6th July, 2004

No screen shots + Installer = not very many downloads. :P I really don't care, though...
Posted by Animephobic 6th July, 2004

Lazarus: I no longer have the game on my computer so I can't edit or change it in anyway ever again. That's why I'm planning a REMIX version that will be made from scratch. Plus, the laptop I used to make my webpage and host the pictures is no longer mine, because I gave it to someone else. So, I cannot redo the pictures. Sorry. But this is the best I can do for now. I promise the next installment will be better.
Posted by Shadow99 6th July, 2004

Noyb = STFU
Posted by KoJiro 18th October, 2004






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