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Mahogany 2: Gangbangin' - Vol. One
Author: Johnny Biggs Submitted: 24th June, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Abandoned Downloads: 73

He's back.

In this stellar sequel to the hit Mahogany, Ruckus returns from prison to find Mahogany in a state of panic. It seems the local KFC's chicken has been tainted, and now it's up to Ruckus to stop the chaos. Ruckus must vanquish such foes as town drunk Nic Vicious, local pimp Tony-O, or the deranched children's show host Duffy the Daft thug.

New features include faster engine, pure platform action, better graphics, rockin' tunes, and a sense of satisfaction you won't have until your gettin' it on with that hot cheerleader that kept calling you a loser all year!

Expect Volume 2 and 3 sooner than you think!

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Posted by BattleCat 24th June, 2004

umm...this was meant as an 8 mb joke right ??
Posted by Muggus 25th June, 2004

'Proper' Can't believe how long this is. I was playing it for a good half hour and still didn't get half way to the end.
Posted by kreature 25th June, 2004

Mahogany 2: Gangbanging' - Vol. One.. Uh, am I the only one who suddenly associates this with some kind of porn movie?
Posted by Willy C 25th June, 2004

this is one strange game
Posted by FlameCritter 27th June, 2004

'Gangbanging' is not associated with porn at all. What are you talking about?
Posted by Julia 28th June, 2004

you are so nasty, go suck a computer
Posted by Johnny Biggs 30th June, 2004

Haha, these comments are hilarious.
Posted by Johnny Biggs 1st July, 2004

my god, i must jerked off twice while playing this game, its so sexy yet unique. it doesnt just turn my computer on it turns me the fuck on as well. ooooooooooooh baby "that's what i like about these high school girls........i get older they stay the same age" Budd





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