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Dick Gilbert
Author: Steve Swiftman Submitted: 16th June, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'em up Downloads: 85

Edited By Steve Swiftman on 6/16/2004

Dick Gilbert. Dick Gilbert is a man that everyone knows and he's had the perfect life...until the zombies barraged his city. The weird thing about it is that the zombies look exactly like him and he doesn't know why so he must find out why. This is act one of a Shoot 'Em Up game that I finished recently. You control Dick Gilbert and you have to make your way out of the the town so you can talk to other people in order to find out what's happening with the city.


- 3 weapons: Machine Gun, Flame Thrower, Shotgun with plenty of ammunition. Healthpacks also.
- Cutscenes
- Ability to throw grenades and other objects (Coming in act 2)
- Ability to drive vehicles (Dick drives a vehicle in this act but you don't get to control it. In act 2 you will)
- Blood and Gore, multiple zombie death animations.

Thanks, and if you have any ideas place a comment below.

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Posted by BullDozer 17th June, 2004

sounds very nice man. but would you pleeeeez put up more screenshots than just the rather plain main screen?
Posted by Cybermaze 17th June, 2004

Yeah ... I also had that in mind. Also, this must be one of the shortest games EVER created! Really ... this is hardly a game ... but a piece of one. If the rest of the acts are not any longer than this I would much rather have waited and dl all the acts as one game. The game itself is not really bad ... just very empty.
Posted by Shadow99 17th June, 2004

huh huh... he said.....
Posted by DJ W 17th June, 2004

Sounds awesome, i'll downlaod when i get to my home computer.
Posted by Hill Gigas 17th June, 2004

this is fun but WAY too short. 1 level only? :(
Posted by Muggus 17th June, 2004

Hehehe Smoke on the water. XD Cool demo. Only a few things I think could use improving. The zombies seem kinda dumb, you may want them to attack once they see you or something like that. And you may want to do something else with the scrolling...seeming though if you want along the bottom and top side of the screen it scrolls continously. Besides's short but good. :D
Posted by Steve Swiftman 18th June, 2004

thanks guys act 2 will be longer and better
Posted by baqsss 24th June, 2005

when will be the full version ? The Game will be cool.





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