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Super Balto (demo)
Author: spider88 Submitted: 1st June, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Demo Downloads: 54

Edited By spider88 on 6/2/2004

Edited By spider88 on 6/2/2004

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Edited By spider88 on 6/1/2004

Edited By spider88 on 6/1/2004

Edited By spider88 on 6/1/2004

How much of you they are native seeing the cartoons of super heroes really very raw?
Now to the list one are added of super hero " SuperBalto ", with an infancy really very strange, that has brought him/it to what is today at the end.
It begins his great adventure against the aborigines and also against many monsters (I don't add you other because I would not like to tell you in preview the history).
Really amusing game, very ironic animations above everything when it jumps and it falls, not to speak then of when it will shoot, to shoot puts us a few because the magic ball that will launch is really very heavy (even if to the appearance it doesn't seem).

I am sorry if my English is not perfect but I has translated this text with a translator, therefore I don't know how to tell you if the text has been translated well or no.

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Posted by Knudde (Shab) 1st June, 2004

That link is horribly wrong and your site is in another language. So try fixing that link (I think your filename is the cause, name it like or something.) And then edit this download, then I'd be happy to add it.
Posted by Binoz 2nd June, 2004

Good work!
Posted by spider88 2nd June, 2004

everything now works
Posted by Shadow99 3rd June, 2004

Wasn't Balto the name of that dog in that Disney movie? Hmmm... maybe you should name him something less.... doggy.
Posted by spider88 3rd June, 2004

A balto doesn't exist only ^^
Posted by Teapot 4th June, 2004

hahaha spider88 not language good speaking english
Posted by Shadow99 4th June, 2004

You know, this really is a fun game. Nice work. Im not sure what his superpower is though... it looks like he's throwing flaming bowling balls. No wonder he gets tired!
Posted by spider88 5th June, 2004

Super Balto gets tired because it is a super raw hero and also a little weak P.S. I repeat that I write in Italian in the translator, I translate and then I glue here
Posted by spider88 5th June, 2004

By the way I wanted to tell you, that from the 2 level in there will be a lot of then more things, rescues that will be activated only if a certain number of apples is had, power up and a lot of other things..... and the levels will be all very more difficulties. But I am also working to other games in which I am putting there a lot of more care in the details etc. I hardly end them I will make you know
Posted by Orlando Furioso 6th June, 2004

Great graphic and engine.




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