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Hamster Jam
Author: StuC Submitted: 31st May, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Retro Downloads: 388
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OvineByDesign Latest remake.......

HamsterJam is a Windows remake of a Commodore Vic20 game called Rockman, originally created by a company called Mastertronic in 1985.

The idea of the game is to collect all the rings from each room while avoiding monsters, skulls and the deadly boulders. Upon completing a room you can leave by any exits
available to you to move on to the next.

You play Sniffles in the HamsterJam remake, and the monsters are mice intent on stopping you from getting to their precious treasure. The original maps and rooms are still there, along with the unique boulder gameplay, but now with bright, colourful cartoon graphics to bring it into the modern age.

Also features an online Hiscore table.

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Posted by vortex2 31st May, 2004

Cool Game :D , I like it alot! Is it made with Jamagic? oh btw the Hamster Ball is funny too :P.
Posted by Strife 31st May, 2004

I never had a Commodore Vic20. But, I love all of Ovine's games nonetheless. Downloading now...
Posted by Andy H 1st June, 2004

Just fixed a small bug. Version 1.01 is up there now. Thanks for the kind words :) Yes, this was made with Jamagic and the pet was made with MMF :D
Posted by ChrisB 1st June, 2004

That's right, but there are quite a few differences between RockMan and BoulderDash and the gameplay's quite different as a result.
Posted by Ashman 3rd June, 2004

Ahhh Boulderdash, my mum made me drag out the C64 the other day so she could play that. I'd forgotten how really... gay... it is lol. Ahh well it's a classic. This looks pretty damn good, downloading (which is rare for me these days)
Posted by Willy C 3rd June, 2004

Its Dig Dug, yay. I was waiting for a remake of that game.
Posted by ChrisB 3rd June, 2004

IT'S NOT DIGDUG, READ THE DOWNLOAD _ You'd think people would read the first few lines of a download AT LEAST.
Posted by Willy C 3rd June, 2004

have you ever tried digdug. Digdug is just like this game. have it on a old old ooooold computer from the early 80s. Im sure it came before rockman in 85
Posted by ChrisB 3rd June, 2004

Have you even played this game? Digdug is where you kill enemies by pumping them with air. That's nothing like RockMan. FYI: Digdug came out in 1983, BoulderDash in 1984, RockMan in 1985
Posted by Evil Monkey 3rd June, 2004

In Digdug, you can either pump the enemies with air, or drop stuff on them. In BoulderDash, you can only kill enemies by dropping rocks on them. Also, in Digdug, the enemies can turn into little eyes and come towards a spot nearby you.
Posted by Willy C 4th June, 2004

what I mean, digdug is the first original. the others are like Digimon copared to Pokemon. They are the fake cos there is not really much diffrent between them.
Posted by Ly 4th June, 2004

Boulderdash has a whole unique game play experience. Any similarities with Digdug end at the point where you have earth you dig away. In boulderdash rocks fall, roll and there are a whole bunch of other features. Rockman is a little different still, with mazes of rooms and some additional features on how rocks behave. I'd recommend trying the download, you might like it :)
Posted by KlikFactory 4th June, 2004

I cannot get the coin thingy in the bottom right of the second level. I've tried many times, and I'm pretty sure it's impossible. And are there any extra lives cheats or anything?
Posted by Willy C 4th June, 2004

you have to push the rocks by pressing the shoot button. Ctrl/shift or something
Posted by Andy H 4th June, 2004

Yes SHIFT key to push boulders, but only if there is a space to push them in to. You get an extra life every 5000 points. A new version has been uploaded with a second chance feature. :)
Posted by Harvy 5th June, 2004

StuC is the name of a network folder for students whose last names start with "C" at my school...
Posted by X_Sheep 14th June, 2004

That's called a last name XD
Posted by Paul_James 21st September, 2004





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