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Sieni the Game - Platform Engine Test
Author: Prototailz Submitted: 6th May, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 141

Edited By Prototailz on 5/6/2004

This is my "superior" Platform Engine Test, Sieni the Game!
("Sieni" is finnish and means "Mushroom" :/)

You'll have to collect all the diamonds and then you'll have to go into a flashy dimensional portal. It has only 1 level (of course, it's an engine test after all :/)

Oh, and don't step on those mines :/

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Posted by 6th May, 2004

I'll dwnl it right now.
Posted by 6th May, 2004

The mines are annoying:P and the game is a bit too fast I think but still looks good.;)
Posted by Muggus 7th May, 2004

AHHHH!!! This game is making me go insane!!! ARRRGHHH! It's addictive...the speed...the music...the sound effects...the graphics i keep thinkin mines are jump pads!!!! I'M GOING INSANE! TOO ADDICTIVE!!!
Posted by Prototailz 7th May, 2004

Are you serious :/?
Posted by renneF 7th May, 2004

Posted by Zane 7th May, 2004

I think its good. Just slow it down a bit. but arrrrghh - that music is so annoying
Posted by 7th May, 2004

can help you out if you want
Posted by Kris 7th May, 2004

nice. i agree, the mines are annoying. Also, try holding left and right at once X)
Posted by EleXor 7th May, 2004

Vittu lopeta tuo ":/"
Posted by J.J 7th May, 2004

The speed are the thing that makes the game a bit special & cool i think. But the MUSIC WAS EXTREMLY UGLY! The gam ecan be cool, though!
Posted by Echisketch(PS) 7th May, 2004

Niicce game, addictive, And I like the music. Very cool engine, so utterly smooth. A hardcore game it is.. herrm*cough*
Posted by Keatonian 7th May, 2004

Well, it needs to be slowed some, and I couldn't see where I was going. and your character has little control. He darts forward when I gently tap left. try less acceleration, and less fall speed max. You have a fall speed max, don't you? and reduce gravity slightly. (add to vertical speed less often, and conpensate by reducing jump.) That should help it alot. PS: the mines are a bit too wide, shrink their horizontal size.
Posted by Evil Monkey 8th May, 2004

What I didn't like: The timer event jumps of Satanity! Argh!! For the last time, could people stop using timer events?! I'm pulling my hair out next time I see someone using them in their static engines!! The music really sucked. There's a drummer and an electric guitar, which aren't bad, but there's this annoying "Buma! Buma!" thing in the song that makes it fall flat. The mines are really annoying, a stupid idea, and I have to collect every single diamond over again, just because I couldn't see where the mine was on a platform I couldn't see! Good Points: None! Ha ha! Just kiddin' bro'. :P
Posted by JPMarkey (Jambo) 8th May, 2004

I think it's well decent, addictive, cool, fun, hard! That's one thing i miss from old school games, they're hard, making it a challenge!
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 8th May, 2004

Good points: -This game is very addictive! -I love the sound effects and the music! -It's hard. -The engine is fairly solid. Bad points: -Health is needed: I have to recollect every dimiond everytime I die (I die a lot). It get's very tidius after awhile. -Graident backrounds! -I also don't like how I can't see the mines because the backround is dark. Anyway, nice game you have going there! :)
Posted by Grazzum - Scorpion E 9th May, 2004

Posted by Prototailz 9th May, 2004

Sorry for timer events, I was just so fucking lazy :/ Ja Elexor, ":/" on rulor >:O





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