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GreenLeaf's Line Paint Program
Author: X-Member15950 Submitted: 16th April, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Application Downloads: 56

Edited By GreenLeaf on 4/16/2004

Edited By GreenLeaf on 4/16/2004

This is the first program I made it features the line making ability and painting also. You can do images without making a mistake. It also will have the saving ability in version 2 but not in this version. It has many bugs you can report here if you want. I'll try my best to fix them. And will also put the saving ability later. Also you need the advanced math extension to open it.

If you have problem seeing the images try hese links:

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Posted by 16th April, 2004

yay at last!
Posted by 16th April, 2004

It nice but has some bugs.
Posted by NovaSoft{Dynecys} 16th April, 2004

Yeah, not bad... It could do with some more features, plus you can erase the border and bottom area of screen. Also, it'd be handy if the window could be maximized or dragged around. Some things that'd be cool to see: "Dialog" Colour selection Fill Brush Width Brush Style Looking forward to v2!
Posted by vortex2 16th April, 2004

Hmm well its ok for TGF, but as a painting app its horrible. the lines arent complete, if you move the brush to fast it skips, it lacks ALOT of features like fill tool, diffrent shapes, perhaps a color selector for custom colors, mabey some neat engine that uses custom brushes based on a mask.... I know its ethier impossible or hard to do these things in TGF, but thats what a painting app is..... I made one of these when I was a tgf newbie also so I guess its ok. Anyway, it was a good effort, but it wont be replacing any of my paint programs anytime soon XD.
Posted by -Messiah- 16th April, 2004

ehh, i dont get how people do paint programs... I tryed once but.. I couldent dra more than like.. 200pix... Well nice game :D
Posted by 16th April, 2004

hey vortex I know it's not a good program but also remeber that this is my first application but the version 2 will be a lot better.
Posted by 16th April, 2004

Also Nova I'll fix that too.
Posted by 19th April, 2004

Anymore comments?Anyone
Posted by 19th April, 2004

OK Here is the list in what V 2.00 will have: -Line Drawing -Text -Box Drawing -Circle Drawing -Filled Box Drawing -Filled Circle Drawing -Box Selecting -Better Eraser -Grafitti(!) -Save Ability -Print Ability -Window Moving -Window Minimize -3 Levels of boldness for lines -Better Pencil drawing And last but not least: -Over 36 types of color choices. More things maybe added due to requests.





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