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Lost Goodies
Author: J.J Submitted: 11th April, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 46

Edited By J.J on 4/11/2004

Lost Goodies
By Ove Melaa

Lost Goodies is a neat little puzzle
game with some good GFX. Its about
collecting two of the same blocks and
gaining score. Each block has indivudual
score. When a block is dropped on the
screen it has 1000 points, then the points
will substract fast. The longer a block is on the playscreen the less it will be worth. When
you click on a block it will be selected (this is the one that will give you score) if you then select
another block with the same look you will
inherit the score the first one you
selected and they will be removed from the game!

You can also do combos. The score
you inherit will be multipied
with the number og combos. Do
combos by taking the same type of
blocks after another.

There is also a Speed Mode wich i
will not explain here. See the game
for more information.

The size of the game a relative
small due to the large amount of GFX.

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 (3,42mb )

Posted by J.J 11th April, 2004

Please report bugs! :)
Posted by Teapot 12th April, 2004

It's kinda cluttered and slow...
Posted by istvan 15th April, 2004

342mb! thats not 'relative small'! I think your problem is that youve linked to an exe, try ziping it up to reduce the size, and increase the downloads:)
Posted by istvan 15th April, 2004

Oh and I found a spelling error just by looking at the screenies, youve typed 'one' somewhere instead of 'on'





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