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Piromaniac Puzzle
Author: Michele Matto Submitted: 1st April, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 77

Edited By Michele Matto on 4/5/2004

Piromaniac Puzzle is a reflexes game! Then read carefully and prepare yourself to move the mouse as fast as possible...more than you'll have ever done!
The game's objectives are very simple: burn all straw bales, trying to rescue all men in danger.
Good Luck!


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Posted by Philipe (Phil-Con Games) 1st April, 2004

This is great! I think your gonna get a good rating with this!
Posted by JP 2nd April, 2004

Pyromaniac, it's spelled pyromaniac. Don't be no hippity hop with the titles all spelled funny.
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 2nd April, 2004

Judging by the way 'level' is spelt in the screenshot, I'd say that the error is due to the fact that Michele Matto is from a foreign country and English is probably a second or later language to them.
Posted by JP 2nd April, 2004

Well I took italian in the 9th grade, I'm suprised I didn't see that. Then again, I didn't look at the screenshot. Well here it goes: Il gioco di divertimento, grafici piacevoli, i pesci nuota domani l'altro senso dentro.
Posted by Michele Matto 3rd April, 2004

i pesci nuota domani l'altro senso dentro.???? What do you mean?
Posted by Monkey Soft 4th April, 2004

"Il gioco di divertimento, grafici piacevoli, i pesci nuota domani l'altro senso dentro." Babelfish translation? :D
Posted by Wormware 4th April, 2004

really nice! clever game! but it can also freak you out when you've clicked wrong.. Well, really nice game!!
Posted by OldSkoolGamer 4th April, 2004

Cool concept. I could see this engine used in an RPG in order to solve it's puzzles.
Posted by Michele Matto 4th April, 2004

Thanks to all!
Posted by Binoz 5th April, 2004

Really a great game! [by bino]
Posted by Beppo 6th April, 2004

A good game and a fresh concept, but this game is just TOO DIFFICULT for me. Anyhow, great job.





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