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Museum Painter
Author: M@ Alexander Submitted: 29th March, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 49

Edited By M@ Alexander on 4/1/2004

Edited By M@ Alexander on 4/1/2004

Edited By M@ Alexander on 3/30/2004

Edited By M@ Alexander on 3/30/2004

Program used to make this: CNC

This is a 5 level demo. It's called Museum Painter. You play as a drop of paint, yeah you heard me... a drop of paint, and the object is to get to the floor without touching a single painting. A challenging game none the less. I realize that there isn't much of a pause between levels but I intend to fix that once I get the other levels together.

Problems: Memorizing the paths can kinda put a damper on the replay value, so don't complain to me if you don't think it's challenging... remember, this isn't the full game.

Have yet to be implemented:
Speed Option
Functioning time at Results screen
Additional Levels

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Posted by Cazra 30th March, 2004

Pretty good idea for a game(reminds me of the Spongebob episode where they paint Mr.Crabs' house). It's wicked hard though. You can't change the speed, it's fast no matter what.
Posted by NovaSoft{Dynecys} 30th March, 2004

Hi M@, looks good but I can't download... You should change webhost because geocities wont allow any more downloads because 'maximum data transfer' has been exceeded.
Posted by M@ Alexander 30th March, 2004

Actually lol That episode of spongebob is what gave me the idea. That allocated data thing from Geocities can be a pain. I intend to make the speed option work later.
Posted by M@ Alexander 30th March, 2004

Anybody know of any better web hosting places?
Posted by Mike from Tri-World Creations 31st March, 2004
Posted by M@ Alexander 1st April, 2004

Kudos to Mike from Mikliz, got my download on now, so download away... for anyone who wants to play this weird game!
Posted by M@ Alexander 1st April, 2004

Ok, want some feedback on this. I'm starting to wonder whether this belongs under "Puzzle" or not, any ideas?
Posted by Bo Fu 3rd April, 2004

How about you change the speed? And maybe the music, grates on your nerves. But a very entertaining game for 5 minutes. More entertaining than most cell phone games, to be sure.




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