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Skare D Kat 2 Demo
Author: Brady Submitted: 7th March, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Demo Downloads: 75

Edited By Brady on 3/8/2004

This is a demo for my upcoming game Skare D. Kat 2

Skare D. Kat 2 is a new RPG-platformer coming soon from Gump Studios.

Skare D. Kat was hoping for a nice break to study the ruins on the island of Zumpango, but with Sawtooth Indequano employing the islanders into a Zumpango Industrial Devlopment Force, an increase of industrial Goonies on the island, curious flying machines and
strange beams being fired from Sawtooth's 'Toys for Orphans' Factory
this is going to be anything but!

Join Skare D. Kat as he explores the island of Zumpango to find out the secret behind a mysterious new metal being used by the industrialists.

This demo places you in the 'Toys for Orphans Factory' tutorial level!

Please feel free to post feedback and comments on this game as it is early in development!

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Posted by vortex2 8th March, 2004

Cool Game! I like the graphics and it seems really well put together :). I got to the first boss before I quit for now but I will play it again ;). Nice Job :).
Posted by istvan 8th March, 2004

The title has Noob written all over it, which really doesnt do the game justice, it looks really good, Im downloading...;)
Posted by istvan 8th March, 2004

BRILLIANT! I still dont like the name, but this is definately an excellent demo, that should be downloaded by all platformer fans. Cant wait for the full version!
Posted by Brady 8th March, 2004

Thanks for the comments :D. I'm still sticking with Skare D. Kat (Or Skare, or Skare D.)as the name of the main character!
Posted by Justin 8th March, 2004

He looks like Dynamite Heady and a Koopa.
Posted by ripthor 8th March, 2004

Wow! This game really look promising! The graphics kind of remind me of Eternal Daughter!
Posted by thewreck 8th March, 2004

great game, love the mood, love the presentation, love the way you are introduced into the world. love the personality of the badies, love the sense of belivability. loved the boss HATE THE NAME.
Posted by istvan 9th March, 2004

Okay, I cant tell you what to call it, but I like 'Skare' a hell of a lot better than what it is now. Still great demo though...
Posted by istvan 9th March, 2004

It also except 'Kat', but that makes it seem like a game about felines...
Posted by Brady 9th March, 2004

Okay, I'll probably change the games title rather than the name of the game's character. I'll post title ideas when I think of them!
Posted by istvan 9th March, 2004

goodo brady!
Posted by Brady 10th March, 2004

Title Ideas This is the only alternative title I can think of off the top of my head which does not give too much of the games story away. 1. Operation:Zumpango Personally, I think the title could work as: Skare D Kat Operation:Zumpango What does anyone esle think?
Posted by Brady 10th March, 2004

Spelling correction: *What does anyone else think?
Posted by istvan 10th March, 2004

I think 'Skare' would be a good name. Just 'Zumpango' on its own could work aswell. Ill offer to be your cheif title assistant!
Posted by 4th April, 2004

really cool game




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