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Machines of Destruction
Author: ben_02 Submitted: 29th February, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Drive 'Em Up Downloads: 711
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Edited By ben_02 on 04/06/2006

Edited By ben_02 on 8/19/2004

Machines of Destruction is mixture of racing through a circuit and wasting your opponents with a combination of the guns mounted on your car, best played on a LAN.

By using the Weapons Designer, you can tailor your guns exactly to your needs, but not without a price tag!
Start a game and chat in the lobby with other joiners. Unlimited spectators can join also, on top of the maximum of 4 players.

Choose from either a race, a deathmatch, or ‘ion Soccer’, in which mode the players are split into two teams and must carry and then 'kick' the metallic ball through the goals. Holding the ball for too long will make it red hot, and very dangerous!

MoD supports the addition of 3 bots to the game, each replacing a player, and are capable of participating in every game mode just as the players would.

On top of all that, the game sports nice special effects, stereo sound, a large list of performance tweaking options, easy-to-use help services and an MP3 player.

This game can be complicated at best. Give it a try but don’t expect to understand the game much until you’ve played a few rounds.
There may be bugs in this game. It has been extensively tested but some will surely show up, so I’ll release a patch to fix anything that arises.

Also, this game doesn’t work online for every type of internet connection. For example if you use a router, or firewall, or other form of indirect or routed connection. The game may freeze while you try to join, or your game won’t appear for the joiners, among other problems. Sorry about this but it's beyond my control.

Please use the Help Agent, it’s there to help you get started as quickly as possible!

Important note: Online doesn't work very well. However if you manage to connect to someone, the game should be fine and bugfree from then on.

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Posted by Astral_86 1st March, 2004

Our computer cannot handle this FANTASTIC game!!!! :'(
Posted by Kingson 1st March, 2004

The scrolling of the game is too fast so I cant see my car most of the time!
Posted by Killerjedi 1st March, 2004

The screen simply follows your car. However, the camera angle follows your mouse, so try to keep the cursor near your car if you're having problems. If the game starts and you can't see your car AT ALL, try clicking and pressing a few keys. It seems to happen to me if the program loses the keyboard focus. P.S. If anyone wants a really awesome energy weapon, DC mail me and I'll toss you the formula. It has low heat cost, high damage, high firing rate, and low backfire chance. It's FAR better than even the best energy weapon you can buy in the store.
Posted by steve 1st March, 2004

I very nearly gave up on this game after witnessing the gameplay crippling "smart scrolling" to anyone who has just downloaded: go to the options and turn OFF the smart scrolling! Excellent game (gonna go back and play some more) :)
Posted by Chamzel 1st March, 2004

I'll just never understand some people's obsession with the word "rape". You do know what rape is, right? And do you understand why you don't (commonly) see the term used in public commercial games? (That is, unless you only buy graphic adult sex games)
Posted by haloboycs 1st March, 2004

looks sweet but i cant connect to anyone.
Posted by ncsoftware 1st March, 2004

same for me, can't connect... but single player game is fun already well done game. The only small anoying thing is that it runs in a window which makes using the secondary weapon less efective, especially when one keeps on cliking outside the window.
Posted by Tigerworks 1st March, 2004

Very good game... haven't been able to play with anyone other than a bot though... the game sound is a bit horrible and crackly as you scroll though, using the /DIB command line fixes that.
Posted by AfterStar 1st March, 2004

Excellent game........i only wished it we could play ONLINE with other players(I got a routter) .....oh well.... He maybe if you added a specific Game Port then we could just open the specific port and all join!(???!)
Posted by Batchman 1st March, 2004

i have ADSL and i downloading at 3 KB/s ...
Posted by Batchman 1st March, 2004

hey , his game is totaly unplayble in my computer , when i press shift or mouse buttons , it fire from 30 second to 2 minute later ! , how come this ?
Posted by Hamish M 1st March, 2004

Must you turn settings of graphics down for framerate of game to increase
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 1st March, 2004

lol Hamish
Posted by ThePodunkian 1st March, 2004

Christ guys, read the freaking documents RUN THE GAME IN 16-BIT MODE.
Posted by ben_02 1st March, 2004

The firing lag is because of how 'repeat while mouse is pressed' works. It's totally unavoidable except by: 1) making sure the game runs fast or 2) making a new extension or something that uses a different method or retrieving input
Posted by ben_02 1st March, 2004

And also, this game is peer to peer, that means you connect to everyone else to send data, rather than a central server. In models like this, people behind routers are always going to have trouble connecting to other people behind routers. It's mostly DirectPlay's fault that it works so poorly, but Moo would be almost impossible to implement at this stage in development, and may not even help much.
Posted by Brad  1st March, 2004

i'm sure someone out there can make a quick mouse extension
Posted by Deviant 2nd March, 2004

Well done!!! :)
Posted by Mr Coffee 2nd March, 2004

This is good, but why does the online have connection problems? The bots are very well programmed, but this is not really the type of game that is very good as a single player game. You can only fight bots over and over for so long.:) I will have to try LAN mode out, but I think this could easily be the best multiplayer click game of all time. Single player, not that great though. It's a pity the online does not work very well.......
Posted by Mr Coffee 2nd March, 2004

Oh, and Chamzel, I don't think he meant anything by it when he put it in the game. People just forget what the word means, but yes, it is probably best to avoid using it. By the way, why is this game getting so many thumbs down? Probably because of the high system requirements.....:/
Posted by Rhys D 2nd March, 2004

it was probably all circy XD
Posted by The Chris Street 2nd March, 2004

Oh har har. I havent voted for it yet, but it'll probably be a thumbs down. JD, perhaps those people who voted thumbs down might not have actually liked it?
Posted by ncsoftware 2nd March, 2004

I can imagine people voting thumbs down though, since it's really supposed to be a multiplayer game and the online multiplayer option isn't working well or for a lot of us not at all.
Posted by The Chris Street 2nd March, 2004

Woo, another insult.
Posted by A.C. software© 2nd March, 2004

i love the game, but it being in a window is really stupid (no offence ben, great game) but if i was to improve anything it would definetly be multiplayer and the screen, fullscreen would be awsome (for faster computers), but yea sweet game:)
Posted by Mr Coffee 2nd March, 2004

Yes, it really does need a full screen option. Also, I played some of the other game modes today and uh, the bots were pretty bad at them to say the least. They seem decent at deathmatch but they don't race well at all, nor do they play "ion soccer" very well. I did have fun making a weapon and upgrading my car, I just wish I could try my car out online.:( By the way, if you want easy and fast cash then play ion soccer against a couple of hard bots.:)
Posted by csharks 3rd March, 2004

WOW, a nite full of dwnload.but iit's kool!!!
Posted by Killerjedi 3rd March, 2004

Y'know, Circy, I hate to agree with the public here, but lately you *have* been REALLY sensetive and defensive of everything. Still, though, you guys have been fairly provocative. Lighten up, people. This place really is slowly turning into a giant flame war.
Posted by Gaspy Conana 3rd March, 2004

My favorite Klik game other than TSE.
Posted by Esa 5th March, 2004

Halleygazer!! Its a rocker!!
Posted by Tongs 14th March, 2004

Holy hell, this game is incredible! The action is fast paced and frantic... the graphics are excellent... the music and sounds are dead-on... now if only I can get online play to work correctly. Props ben for this excellent game! *plays some more*
Posted by =FrAgGy9100= 15th March, 2004

*jaws hit floor* Best Click-game ever!
Posted by Penguin Maddox 17th March, 2004

damnit whats the point of an online feature since noones going to be online playing it?
Posted by Penguin Maddox 17th March, 2004

damnit whats the point of an online feature since noones going to be online playing it?
Posted by Jub 20th March, 2004

Presentation: 10/10 ================================================= This was a very good game! Gameplay: 1/10 ================================================= I hate WSAD controls! Graphics 10/10 ================================================= Awsome rockin effects! Sounds and Music 10/10 ================================================= Love the fact that you can load your own mp3s Lastability 10/10 ================================================= This game will last me a lone anyone ever gets on. Overall: 8/10 ================================================= This is a excellent game! Keep up the good work. Just don't make the damn WSAD controls anymore...they stink.
Posted by ben_02 20th March, 2004

Press Ctrl+Shift+Y or something to change controls. You have to change Player 3's controls though I think.
Posted by Jub 20th March, 2004

Doesn't work.
Posted by ben_02 20th March, 2004

Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Y then
Posted by Fabian Jansen 30th June, 2004

Ag ag ... 56k .... but still, must ... download .... *faint*
Posted by stars 10th July, 2004

Why doesnt the game work? it says "Troubles while reading configuration from ".\kctask.ini". Either the file was not found or it does not contain a [tasks] section" and there are no weapons for me to buy? and everytime go back to the menu an error pops up and it quits please help i wnt to play
Posted by Christodoulou Apps 26th October, 2004

74% and counting...
Posted by Christodoulou Apps 26th October, 2004

92%... :D
Posted by Christodoulou Apps 26th October, 2004

56k... 1 and a half hour... 96%...
Posted by Christodoulou Apps 26th October, 2004

I hope it worths the wait. 8) I'll review it anyway.
Posted by Christodoulou Apps 26th October, 2004

HHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! {mad} {mad} {mad} {mad} {mad} {mad} {mad} {mad} This is very stupid!!!! {mad} {mad} {mad} First of all it hasn't an installer and then it appears me the following message I have to mention something... THERE ARE SOME PEOPLE THAT DON'T HAVE MMF1.5 EITHER TGF!!!!!
Posted by Christodoulou Apps 26th October, 2004

In my forthcoming review: PRESENTATION: (*g) (*w) (*w) (*w) (*w) (*w) (*w) (*w) (*w) (*w)
Posted by ben_02 28th October, 2004

The game does not require TGF, MMF, MMF 1.5, KnP, or ANYTHING RELATED TO CLICKTEAM to run. It is packaged with everything it needs. If it doesn't run, this is a rare case and your computer is simply broken. Considering the game doesn't even run for you, you arn't qualified to write a review. In response to 'stars': Try unzipping the game correctly - if all the files are where they should be, you should not get any such error.
Posted by DELETED!_by account owner 18th March, 2006

Broken download
Posted by Garth G 19th March, 2006

Indeed. Why are half of the games have broken downloads.
Posted by miguel angel granados 1st April, 2010

very good





Worth A Click