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AI Tutorial
Author: TheCalimero Submitted: 25th January, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Tutorial Downloads: 634

Edited By TheCalimero on 3/12/2007

Edited By TheCalimero on 1/30/2004

I received mails which ask me how I did the AI of the bots of friendly-strike2.
( )
I decided to make a tutorial about it.
Here it is.

The problem is that each game have is own engine and each AI must be thought differently.
I'm trying to teach you ONE principle about the AI and Bot move, but don't focus on it, and try to make your own.
It could maybe help you if you don't have any idea.

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Posted by Nuutti 26th January, 2004

well not so bad. in fact not bad at all. u could make the platforming better so the guy doesnt get stuck.
Posted by TheCalimero 26th January, 2004

Yes :) But I want to disturbe nobody with a complex engine, 'cause that's not the point of this tutorial. :)
Posted by Muggus 28th January, 2004

Pretty good! You probably don't actually need that many detecters but you've done well.
Posted by J.A.P. (Jarmo Airaksinen Productions) 28th January, 2004

What the heck is 1000gv.GOX?? My program doesn't open that:(
Posted by Esque 28th January, 2004

1000 global values entension object. Give it a google-ing hmm my first post in aaaages. I see the site is still going :-)
Posted by TheCalimero 28th January, 2004

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Posted by Nuutti 3rd February, 2004

haha:D its nice when i can speak french too:D(a bit)
Posted by moren11 31st October, 2008

oh come on... 1000gv.mfx x0





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