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iPublish - Service Pack 1
Author: gizmo Submitted: 15th January, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Application Downloads: 102

To keep any software alive, you have to patch it and as this is a big update. i felt i should announce it.

iPublish service pack 1 is a dramatic re-optimisation of the internal iPublish engine, some may find it much faster, some may find it a little faster, but its definitely an improvement.

Service pack notes:


The iPublish service pack 1 release, is designed to (a) Add
new functionality to the existing iPublish codebase, and (b)
update the iPublish codebase to upgrade stability and speed.



Below is a list of what functionality has been changed in
* Massive engine revamp, should run slightly faster in some
cases, and extremely fast in others (not tested thoroughly)

* Made the dialogs watermark images more prominent.

* Smaller runtime


The following lists the newly added features which will
enhanse iPublishes functionality.

* The quicktags pane will be expandable, allowing a better
view of the tag and attribute lists.

* Common text shortcuts (Ctrl+B, Ctrl+U etc.) will be
automatically converted to their respective HTML codes
( etc.)

* More templates.

* Ability for the user to select their default browser for
previewing to save browsing for it.

* Quick plugin launch; Instead of clicking the plugin "star"
you can now click the dropdown arrow next too it to quickly
select the plugin you want.


These are the issues from iPublish 1.00 that have been
addressed and fixed.

* The auto updater has chaged to a web based update.

* The first run wizard shows the "My Templates" folder when
this was removed from the final version.

* When changing the syntax colouring, the default dialog
colour is black (0,0,0) instead of the colour previously


Zip version

Download sizes are 1.92mb (Installer) and 2.1mb (Zip)

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Posted by Danny Boy 16th January, 2004

Cool :)
Posted by Smeggy 16th January, 2004

I swear you should sell this
Posted by Lew 16th January, 2004

Which is why Gizmo rules!
Posted by 16th January, 2004

W0000T!! Btw, Gizmo, what OS do you use? The shell stuff looks like Windows Longhorn (alpha) screenshots what i've seen. Or is it just a some xp's theme?
Posted by gizmo 16th January, 2004

Its an xp theme ;)
Posted by Danny Boy 17th January, 2004

I found the same theme at ;)
Posted by Lew 17th January, 2004

Windows Longhorn looks the same as XP, I've got it :P
Posted by Lazernaut 19th January, 2004

Nice one, Longhorn hasn't been released at all, yet you admit having it, at an official place... :P
Posted by Danny Boy 12th February, 2004

Longhorn has been released as alpha version :P





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