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Urban Joe - Episode 1
Author: Chrille Blomqvist Submitted: 21st December, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 119

Urban Joe development started in late 2001 and has been worked on off & on since then. It's being created using Clickteam's Multimedia Fusion. A demo was released around christmas in 2002. Urban Joe is an action platform game with a plot and objective based missons.

We've decided to release Urban Joe in episodes since it will probably take a long while before the full game is finished. This doesn't harm the game since it was pretty much told in chapters/episodes from the start. The remaining episodes will be released through patches, these will be much smaller than the first download.

Urban Joe - Episode One features:
* 1 tutorial level, 10 scenario levels and 4 bonus levels.
* 16 original tunes.
* 2 animated cutscenes.
* Three difficulty levels.
* More than 12 different enemies.
* More than 20 weapons and other fun tools.
* A save- and load game feature.
* An equipment shop in-between levels.
* Ability to use jetpacks and vehicles.
* Ability to start from any level you've reached.
* Graphic effects that can be disabled for a slow computer.

Be sure to read the manual and play the tutorial before you start playing. Enjoy the game!

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 (19.8mb )

Posted by Smeggy 22nd December, 2003

Sounds excellent, downloading..
Posted by Jakku 22nd December, 2003

Your adventure games rock, so I'll simply assume that this will rock as well. So yeah, if you haven't played Chrille's adventure games yet, go to and try em, especially Pleurghburg: Dark Ages.
Posted by matrixkitty 22nd December, 2003

hey crille how about a non installer version? (even if the file size is larger)
Posted by Chrille Blomqvist 22nd December, 2003

I guess I could put together a .zip archive or something. What's wrong with the installer though? Thanks for the kind words, Jakku!
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 22nd December, 2003

Looks cool...I must download...
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 22nd December, 2003

Darn...On my computer it takes an hour and thirty miniutes! I'll download it later...
Posted by Teapot 22nd December, 2003

lol @ capricevisions inferior connection
Posted by matrixkitty 22nd December, 2003

i just prefer zipped versions over installers because often someone will accidently uninstal the game
Posted by Chrille Blomqvist 22nd December, 2003

You could install it, copy all the files except the uninstall file to another directory and then run uninstall.
Posted by Rhys D 23rd December, 2003

looks awesome...downloading.
Posted by laguna 23rd December, 2003

The install file didn't work for me. Says that information is corrupt.
Posted by AfterStar 23rd December, 2003

Nice game!Thought as soon as i started the tutorial i found a very funny/annoying BUG! I have a screenshot of it!When you get close to the right edge of the water and jump out,in,out 2-3times in a quick,your character will be able to FLY out of water with unlimited oxygen(bubbles come out of his mouth) but UNABLE to get back into water OR do anything else,so you can get back to normal..... *Urban joe says to Chrille Blomqvist the creator :"I Believe i can fly..."and proves it ;p ;)*
Posted by Kris 23rd December, 2003

by far the best game of its screen-size
Posted by Chrille Blomqvist 23rd December, 2003

I'm glad everyone seems to like it so far! mysterio: sounds strange, try downloading it using a download manger like GetRight or something. AfterStar: that's very weird! I havn't been able to reproduce the bug myself o_O.
Posted by Kris 23rd December, 2003

it needs checkpoints within the levels... i died quite far into level 4 and had to start from the beginning... argh! so frustrating :S
Posted by Chrille Blomqvist 23rd December, 2003

Some levels have checkpoints sorta, but I'll see what I can do about adding more.
Posted by AfterStar 23rd December, 2003

The flying/swimming bug can be done in any LEVEL with water and a right water-edge! I can send you a screenshot if you are not convinced by my words! ;p The bug won't happen UNLESS you WANT to provoque it! Just go swimming to the right edge( tutorial level) and hit JUMP,JUMP to make the character roll,left right.....jump get him stuck and provoque the BUG ;) (first time it happened wasn't on purpose but......well its a bug....) You can FLY FLY FLY all over the level and complete it,but you CAN'T FIRE OR DO ANYTHING else except flying!
Posted by Chrille Blomqvist 23rd December, 2003

Doh! Hmm, I think I know what's causing it, oh well. Anyone found any of the bonus levels yet?
Posted by Muz 23rd December, 2003

19 MB??? For the first episode? Damn, you mind making a version without the original soundtracks or 32-bit graphics? And guys, if you like the game that much, why not give it a few Thumbs Up?
Posted by Rhys D 23rd December, 2003

This game rocks!
Posted by Dr. James MD 21st January, 2004

ouch, too much for me to download
Posted by Ravnos87 18th June, 2004

Looks great. 19 MB. Fuck that. :^)





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