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Liberation II
Author: Jeremiah Submitted: 26th November, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 117

Action, Adventure, and Travel. These were the things promised to a shuttle pilot on Valoria, but Ezekiel Wellington soon realized it was a boring, dead end job. He wanted out quickly. He finally got his chance to fly a mission: to investigate the deaths of several miners and highly skilled pilots. He will soon realize the deadly alien force behind the deaths. He has to do the job not only because he desperately needs the money, but also because the fate of the entire planet rests in his hands.

-Fly 10 missions to protect Valoria.
-Learn to fly with the Simulation Missions
-Use upgradable plane maneuverabilty, bullets, bombs, missiles, refuel blimps, radar, and a targeting system to your advantage
-Several extras available for cash

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Posted by Jeremiah 27th November, 2003

I understand that the turning controls are hard, but that has been said to me too many times for me not to change it.Oh well, It's suppose to be a challenge. Fast paced... I'd like to make it more fast paced but I have really no I idea how. I thought the enemy plane levels were pretty fast.
Posted by Jeremiah 27th November, 2003

Right you are. I meant that the controls are not what you're used to, so you have to practice enough to get good... like a real airplane. Anyways, I guess that is one of the faults of the game.
Posted by Matt [cash money klikaz] 27th November, 2003

it's not that hard...
Posted by Matt [cash money klikaz] 27th November, 2003

it's pretty cool, especially the underground tunnel mission.. holy crap if you have problems flying now, the tunnel mission will be impossible!
Posted by Jeremiah 27th November, 2003

I have had several people test it and that is not one of the things I've heard. I'm sorry you are having trouble and that I didn't send you a memo about the controls...
Posted by Jeremiah 27th November, 2003

All that work down the drain because of two buttons that are .03m away from each other? Anyone who took five minutes adjusting themselves to the controls could master it. Hell, my girlfriend was able to play this game. There are even simulation missions for you to learn how to play. Is there some universal law of controls that I missed. No. There are inverted controls in several games such... hmm... flight simulators. Thats odd. Rant all day about how you don't like the controls, but don't dare tell me the game is unplayable because of it.
Posted by Radix 27th November, 2003

Just think of it as being a throttle rather than a yoke. If you press back, you slow down, and dive. Forward make you speed up, and rise. If you visualize it it's easy.
Posted by Matt [cash money klikaz] 27th November, 2003

it's no different than if the keys were reversed... you can't have a game like this without these sorts of controls. it just takes some getting used to, that's all.
Posted by Teapot 28th November, 2003

um runs way too slow on my pc
Posted by Jeremiah 28th November, 2003

What are you running? I guess 800X600 with big levels could be a factor.
Posted by Jeremiah 28th November, 2003

Oh, and this was made with TGF. I would like to get MMF but its too expensive. TGF does suck, but I'm poor.
Posted by Aali [Crazy_Productions] 28th November, 2003

the controls do suck, why get used to it? just change it for god sake, everyone can play with 'normal' controls (where the arrow key you press really does represent the way you'll move on the screen), we are the gamers, we tell you what to do to improve your game, not the other way round
Posted by Aali [Crazy_Productions] 28th November, 2003

it's pretty obvious it's made with TGF..
Posted by Jeremiah 28th November, 2003

Aali, I had a few people beta test this and they didn't get that problem. I do somewhat regret it, but I don't understand releasing an entirely new version just with two keys reversed. Honestly, if you think I should, I will. The reason I'm not changing it now is because this is the full release. It's not supposed to be a public beta. I am not ignoring you guys on this. I know it's obvious it's made with tgf; I would love to have unlimited objects, fades, no bugs, proper extensions, etc.
Posted by Jeremiah 28th November, 2003

Fire, thank you for reviewing my game, but I did find some things you said disturbing. You said the presentation was very ugly... I just don't see how. You said there was no music in the game. While there is no music in the cinemas, there is music in 9 of the 10 levels, the title, and the credits and all of the music was created by me. You also said it was not orginal. I don't know if you were referring to the music or story, but they were both original. The sounds were not original, but I didn't rip them. I took them from the tgf library. You said that the story was not good and boring. Much time was spent on a script for the game and I even made character portraits. I guess the story is a matter of opinion, but I find it very enjoyable and the grammar is perfect. And finally you said the plane falls within ten seconds. This is called a stall. It is explained in the simulation mission, but a stall also occurs in real life. Thank you once again, but I had to clear up somethings that were obviously not true.
Posted by Daniel[Crazy_Productions] 28th November, 2003

wtf guys!? just press ctrl+y and change the controls yourself
Posted by Pete Nattress 28th November, 2003

"There is no music in the game, only sounds. Also the music is very poor." lol, classic fire. ha, didn't see that one coming did ya?
Posted by Aali [Crazy_Productions] 28th November, 2003

the controls are hard-coded, DUH!
Posted by Jeremiah 28th November, 2003

thanks for the reviews guys, I suck at midi making... but I thought people would appreciate original music over ripped.
Posted by Jeremiah 30th November, 2003

Posted by Jeremiah 30th November, 2003

You can upgrade speed, acceleration, and turning.
Posted by Nuklear41 19th September, 2004

did you do these graphics by hand!!!???? they rock
Posted by Jeremiah 21st September, 2004

Damn. That's like one of the only positive comments I've received. Thanks. And yes, i did those by hand.




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