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Gun Down and Evade (BETA)
Author: Agoro Submitted: 25th November, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 51

Edited By Agoro on 11/30/2003

This game is a side scrolling shooting game.the sprites were edited but from coolsoft. This is only the BETA so expect more in the future.

move-left&right arrow keys
shoot-space (when running or standing still)
f-flip (when moveing)
d-(matrix kind of)dodge

you run left and right shooting aliens. You have a life bar in the bottom right side and a "energy" bar to tle left, when the energy bar is full, you can use the dodge. The dodge, you turn around and bend over backwards and can NOT be hit during this. The flip, while moveing, you can do a fast flip in the air to dodge enemy fire. The music is some random stuff i found on the my computer.
I'll add more later. if the link gives you a 404, just copy and past it in and it will work!

NOTE-ITS A BETA dont yell, tell me what needs fixing!!
why is it boreing...?

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Posted by -_darkman_- 26th November, 2003

remove the ripped sprites man as they look out of place with your own sprites e.g the tree,the hut. Pretty sure the shed/hut is from TGF library
Posted by Jonas (Peasants) 26th November, 2003

Posted by Agoro 26th November, 2003

thanks -_darkman_-, ill make something to put in the place of the hut and tree.
Posted by Agoro 26th November, 2003

i need a better uploading place... can anyone help?
Posted by AfterStar 28th November, 2003

need lots of work.....For the moment i agree with Jonas.....boooriiinnnggg! And USE your own GFX as much as you can!
Posted by Agoro 28th November, 2003

how is it boreing...?
Posted by TH333 28th November, 2003

If you're saying you need a new place to store/ have people download your games from try They give you 100 megs of space, unlimited bandwidth, and it's free! But don't worry about the name of the site- You don't have to use "ASP's" if you're making a web site.
Posted by Agoro 30th November, 2003

Thanks Trycen! and i still say.. how is it boreing..?
Posted by Coolsoft Games 21st February, 2004

The screenshots don't work.(Wonder why anyone would want to use any of those trahsy sprites I have up for download...)





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