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Schooling Adventure
Author: Bruce Juice Submitted: 17th November, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 185

Edited By Bruce Juice on 12/1/2003

OK, Heres a description.
This Game has 3 mini games in it that all have something to do with school. (dont worry, theres no algebra or learning) just click on the buttons to choose the game you want to play. theres an instruction screen before you play the game that explains how to play.
Unfourntinatly, i dont know how to fix the Image.

its a fun game, check it out.

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Posted by -_darkman_- 19th November, 2003

we want a description now damit. You really think people will download if they have no idea whatsoever of what they are downloading?? Even the screenshot doesn't work. You should read Pete's article before submitting something again.
Posted by Bricnic 19th November, 2003

How did the admins let this past? It's probably a non-existent file, "submitted" to gain DC points.
Posted by Joshua M. 26th February, 2005

You stole the Lupin sprite! You wlahlalalalalala! BLA!





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